Our Breeders

Our Breeders
When deciding to go for a puppy purchase, pet lovers are always searching for puppies from very good breeders and each of them have their own expectations. We consider that breeding involves major responsibility, that’s why we provide puppies from hobby and licensed breeders who are taking into consideration canine health, temperament and training of dogs. 
 Breeders are maintaining high standards for caring and they provide us healthy and happy puppies that meet our policies. We are selecting puppies from our network of breeders and we are looking for pets that are friendly and seem eager to make connections within a new family.
Here at Pets-N-Pals, we treat every animal like they are our own! We specialize in puppies and spend many hours researching our breeders and visiting their homes. The families that we choose to buy from have to meet our strict store standards and government regulations. Stephanie and Emily (General Manger) make a conscious effort to meet our breeders face-to-face and see first hand where our puppies come from! We only work with breeders who care for and love their dogs and puppies as much as we do! The next time you are in, ask us to share some of the pictures from our visits.
We promote responsible dog ownership and we are aware that this objective is possible only with great devotion. Our puppies are regularly examined by vets and they are ready to join their new family in the best shape and moment of their lives.  All the puppies are warranted by us to the original purchaser. We warranty the puppy free from Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Corona Virus for 10 days from the purchase. 
Are you prepared to start a new life with the newest member of your family? We recommend you to match your favorite breed characteristics with your personality and lifestyle in order to have a happy relationship with your pup. Choose the pup that best suits you!