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  • Why Get a Saint Bernard This Year?

    The coolest puppies this year are definitely St. Bernard puppies. These guys have amazing personalities and one of the most adventure loving dogs on the planet. St. Bernard puppies are a man’s best friend which can come in handy if you are lonely during this Valentine’s Day season. These dogs are excellent at showing affection and loving their owners with all that they have. Here are just a few things St. Bernard puppies for which they are known.

    They are the hero in the famous movie Beethoven.

    This movie portrays the St. Bernard puppy exactly how they act in real life. They are some of the most watchful, friendly and protective dogs out there. This dog treats the children in this film like his most prized possession which is exactly the way St. Bernard’s treat all kids.

    They are great hospice dogs.

    St. Bernard puppies understand when their owners are sick and are loving towards them regardless. If you or a family friend is in a hospice these dogs will make sure you never feel lonely. They are unlike other dogs in the way that they do not try to detach from you when they know you may be leaving this earth soon.

    They are awesome adventure partners.

    Another cool trait about St. Bernard puppies is that they love adventures. These dogs never decline an invitation to go on a hike or a boat ride with their owner. As long as they get to spend time with you, they are not concerned about how hard the adventure may be. They also serve as great motivators on adventures that are extremely hard, pushing you to keep moving and going!

    St. Bernard puppies are one of the best dogs this year. They appreciate all the time they get to spend with their owners and have the kindest spirit. St. Bernard puppies will be your best friend forever and will never leave you or detach from you because they feel obligated to protect you their whole lives. Thinking of getting one now? Come to our store today!

  • How to Make Sure Your Dog Is Comfortable In Your Home

    If you have recently purchased a dog this year and have the feeling that your dog is uncomfortable in your home, there may be a few reasons to explain this. Just like humans, dogs need to feel comfortable with the people they are around in order to be completely themselves around you. If you feel like your dog hasn’t broken out of their shell yet and is still a bit standoffish with you than you may want to consider improving these things for your dog.Does your dog have a comfortable place to rest?

    Dog beds are super important.

    Dogs need a place of their own to sleep just like humans do. If they are constantly bothered with playtime and no time to themselves, they may be standoffish because they are exhausted. Dogs need space just like humans do. If you think that letting them play outside is enough, you should reconsider and get try getting dog beds for your new animals.

    Are you feeding your dog properly?

    This is important for any animal in your house. Like we’ve said before dogs are a lot like humans in many aspects. They need a proper nutritional diets. Consult with a veterinarian if you have questions regarding what you should be feeding your dog.

    Are you spending enough time with your dog?

    If you have a normal 9-5 job and no one else at home to play with your dog you may want to consider hiring a dog sitter to make sure your dog is living a comfortable life. Most dogs crave and desire the comforts of being around family so try to spend as much time as possible with your pups or make arrangements so that they’re not alone for long.

    After taking these questions into consideration you should start to notice your dog breaking out of their shell a little bit more. Especially now that they have comfortable dog beds. These can make a huge difference in your dog’s life and your relationship with your pup.

  • The Best Dog Breeds This Year

    Are you looking for the best dog breeds of 2019? Well every dog breed is unique in their own way. Many of these dogs have different personalities that are similar to humans. There are lots and lots personalities that these dogs portray that range from loving to charismatic to extremely adventurous. Here are a few dogs that match these different personalities. If you are looking for a specific dog with a certain personality here’s some help.

    1. If you’re looking for an adventurous dog breed. The famous Labrador Retriever from the movie Marley and Me is exactly the dog you need to be your adventure buddy this year. These dogs love outdoor excursions and lake days. They are not afraid to get messy if that’s the type of fun that you like to have. They will be the best adventure buddy you could ever ask for this year.
    2. Most affectionate dog breed for a family. The best dog for a big family comes down to Frenchie pups. These dogs are one of the most fun and loving dogs that enjoy every moment spent with their family. Frenchie pups not only understand younger children’s playtime needs but also respect the boundaries of your older children too. Frenchie pups are super affectionate and do not like to be left out of family time.
    3. The most outgoing dog breed. The Pug has always been known for being extremely outgoing. These dogs know how to make their owners smile and have a great day. They are also not afraid to communicate their needs. These dogs do not grow to be that big in size so they won’t take up too much space in your home.

    Hopefully this list of personalities with matching dogs helps you out a little bit. Making a decision on which dog breed to buy can be extremely hard if you have no idea what these dogs personalities are like. The most important thing to do is speak with one of our staff members! We can point you in the right direction and help you with this important decision.

  • Why Buying Newborn Puppies Is Important

    There are billions of dogs for sale almost everywhere. These dogs are all special in their own ways but there is nothing like buying a newborn dog for someone this year. A lot of people are afraid of buying newborn dogs because they don’t understand the requirements associated with this decision. These puppies are extremely special and cute dogs for sale on the planet. There are tons of important reasons why you should buy a newborn puppy instead of one that’s already in their teens for furry companion that will mean so much to you.

    1. They will spend their whole lives with the person you buy the dog for. Dogs do not age the same way that humans do which means that you have up to 13 years with these special creatures. It would be terribly sad if you bought a dog that was already through their life expectancy and their owner did not get to spend that much time with them.
    2. These dogs will develop a very special bond with their owner. It is true that dogs are imprinters. This means that as soon as they find someone who’s trusting and loving to them they will attach to them and always try to protect them. If this doesn’t sound like the best bond anyone could ask for then maybe you need to experience a relationship like this yourself and purchase one of our cute dogs for sale.
    3. They will be able to train them how they want. This is special because you and the puppy will be able to develop a very special bond with one another. If you don’t believe you’re ready enough to have a real baby this is your opportunity to test! Perhaps you can train this dog to have discipline and respect you and those around you like you would for a real baby.

    One of the most special gifts you could give this year is buying either yourself or someone else a newborn puppy. There are dozens upon dozens of very cute dogs for sale that would love to spend their lives with you. Contact us today for more information on our precious puppies.

  • Valentine’s Day Gift For Mom

    One of the hardest presents to think of is a Valentine’s Day gift for your mother. A lot of people forget that you should give your mom the gift of love for Valentine’s Day as well as your significant other. It’s important that you don’t forget about your mom because you’ve never stopped being the love of her life. The best idea anyone can think of is buying a puppy for her, so start searching “puppies for sale near me,” today! Here are some reasons you should get her an adorable puppy this Valentine’s Day.

    She will not feel lonely.

    This is the most important thing to remember when considering whether or not you should buy your mother a puppy this Valentine’s Day. This is important to consider because now that you are in a relationship, she may feel like she no longer gets to spend that much time with you anymore. The constant reminder that you bought her this dog will remind her that you care a lot about her.

    She’ll have a snuggle buddy again.

    It can be hard to leave your single mother alone, but part of growing up is leaving home and starting your own life. You no longer have to feel guilty that she has no one to snuggle with if you get her a puppy that loves affection and spending quality time with their owners.

    She’ll love the attention.

    One of the best characteristics about dogs is that they really love spending time with their owners. Not only will this make your mother extremely happy to have someone who pays attention to her basically 24/7 but she’ll never have an opportunity to get bored because of these connection building animals.

    All in all, you should not second guess buying your mother a puppy this Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is search for puppies for sale near me and you’ll find one of your dozens of puppies ready to be purchased and have a friend just like your mother. Dogs are extremely affectionate and loving animals that will not let down the person that means the world to you, your mother.