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  • Snow Matter What, Protect Your Pup’s Paws

    Winter has blown in and the country is feeling the effects of snow, ice, and cold north winds. To keep people safe on roads and sidewalks, many communities salt the ground to help ice melt faster. But the combination of snow, ice, salt, and cold weather can really do a number on your dog’s paw pads. Consider the following suggestions for keeping his feet healthy during the cold months.

    Keep walks short.

    You might think that your dog’s natural winter coat and tough paw pads would keep him comfortable even when the snow falls, but you’d be wrong. His coat is probably not thick enough or long enough nor are his feet as tough as you think. 

    Keep your walks short—just long enough to “do his business” and have a short bit of exercise. During extreme cold, you might skip the outside exercise, too. If it’s too cold for you to enjoy a walk or jog, it’s too cold for him, too. Being outside in the cold can lead to frostbite for your canine pal as easily as for you. 

    Consider a blanket or coat for him when you venture outdoors.

    Put a towel by the door.

    As soon as you get back inside, dry Fido off completely, including his paws, his nose, and his ears. If your community uses salt on sidewalks and roadways, use warm water to dip his paws in when you return to the house. Toweling him off in the house will make him much more comfortable and reduce the damage ice or salt between his toes can do.

    Paw Balm

    Even before you head out the door, rub some paw balm into his pads. Salt can cause dry skin and damage to his paws, but paw balm creates a barrier between his feet and the elements. Store bought or homemade, rubbing some balm in after you dry him off will help keep his pads soft and supple.

    Footwear for dogs

    So maybe you think dogs in booties look weird. That’s okay, but don’t let it stop you from buying a good set that will keep him comfortable outside. You wouldn’t think about going outside barefoot in the winter, right? Don’t make him do it, either. 

    Best buys for pooch presents

    The holidays are upon us. Pack your pooch’s stocking with some of our favorite products and give him the best holiday ever!

  • Puppy: Cute Fun Ways To Surprise Your Family With a Puppy at Christmas

    Christmas is a time for spreading cheer and a puppy will always bring joy around. It is hard to find someone who doesn’t get excited when a puppy is looking up at them with a wet nose and trusting eyes. Gifting a new puppy to your loved one during Christmas is sure to make them happy and you can make the event even more enjoyable by planning it as a surprise! The puppy is soon to win them over with lots of wet kisses and cuddles and it will be the beginning of a meaningful relationship.

    Here are some cute ways in which you can surprise your family or a loved one with a puppy at Christmas.

    Delaying the Surprise

    Yes, the best way of making the surprise even better is to delay it. There might be several occasions when your friend or a family member has gone looking for puppies at pet stores. When this happens again, tell them why taking a puppy is a bad idea at that moment. Being familiar with the person will help you come with all the reasons why they might not want a puppy, like anyone to take care of it when they are out for work.

    They are going to be immensely disappointed at first and you have to deal with this phase. However, tell the caretaker of the puppy secretly that you are interested, and then go back alone to get it right before Christmas. The surprise and joy on their faces when they finally lay eyes on the puppy will be worth all this effort.

    Puppy in Gift Wrapping

    While this might seem like a clich to many, there is a reason why this is done so many times. Putting the puppy in a present box never fails to make an impact. This works best as a Christmas present, as you put the puppy inside a box and place it under the Christmas. Wrap the box in pretty paper with a bow on top! When the ‘present’ is unboxed, the squeals of joy will not stop anytime soon!

    Of course, you have to careful while placing the puppy inside the box or basket. Make sure you put the puppy just minutes before you are about the spring the surprise. This will avoid any discomfort from the puppy’s side. However, a typical puppy can still make cute noises from the moment they are put inside the box, so you could put in a treat or two with him, or a toy to keep him quiet.

    Even if he does make some sounds, it still makes for a great surprise as everyone is startled by puppy noises in the room. Make sure you leave a gap in the box for ventilation. Putting a small Santa cap on the puppy is sure to melt everyone’s heart.

    Surprise Visit

    You can make the puppy the star of your Christmas dinner! Gather everyone around for the grand Christmas meal and make everyone is in the same room while they are eating. Confide in a friend and let him slip the puppy into the room. Everyone is sure to be caught off guard when they see a puppy exploring the room all by himself. There are going to be frantic inquiries while some will leave their seats to cuddle the little bundle of joy.

    After the puppy has managed to surprise everyone, introduce it to the family. This surprise always works the best with children because not knowing that the puppy is already a part of the family, they will insist on keeping the puppy that has just walked in. Tell them they cannot, and you have to return the puppy to whoever it belongs- maybe a neighbor. Then, when you finally tell them the truth, they are most likely to shed tears of joy.

    Treasure Hunts

    Can there be a treasure hunt better than the one which involves a puppy? Surely not. Organize a treasure hunt for Christmas and leave clues around the house for everyone, telling them this is how they find their gifts. In the meantime, hide the puppy in a well-ventilated basket and place it in a safe corner of the house.

    As the clues lead your family towards that spot, they are sure to be intrigued by that basket, which in all probability, will also be swaying a little. Tell them to open it and the boundless joy on the faces as they greet the new puppy is going to be the best Christmas gift for you ever.

    Car Surprise

    With all your Christmas shopping just about over, ask your family to help you with all the bags that you have in the car. Tell them to open the car door carefully, because you have some very precious shopping inside. As they open the car door, Tada! There is the puppy, sitting snug on the backseat, looking all pretty with a bow! This surprise is sure to bring all your neighbors to your driveway because of course your family would be screaming in joy!

    With a car surprise, remember to keep the windows down when the puppy is inside by a couple of inches. However, the doors should be locked so that they do not accidentally open while you are telling your family to get the bags. You should also avoid doing this if it is very hot or very cold. Some Christmases can be freezing, so you could consider leaving your car heater on. But overall, do not leave the puppy inside alone for more than a few minutes. You could also confide in a friend to hold the puppy if it is very small or is particularly restless.

    With these ideas, you are sure to surprise your family in a novel way. While there is no dearth of gifts on the shop shelves for the festive season, a puppy will bring your family way more joy than you could have ever imagined. It will be your best Christmas ever.

  • National Cat Lovers Month: 10 Reasons We Love Cats

    It’s National Cat Lovers Month! Time to celebrate everything we love about our little furry friends. There are good reasons why dogs and cats are the standard pet of choice.

    While both make great pets, many have a great deal of love for cats in particular. So whether you already own a pet cat or getting one, here are ten reasons why they’re often the pet of choice.

    They’re Independent

    Some consider cats to be arrogant as they go about their business like they own the place. But they still have their ancestral instincts, often cautiously looking out for themselves. They don’t constantly need your attention or approval.

    They Clean Themselves

    Due to their independent nature, cats will happily clean and groom themselves so you don’t have to. They can spend half the day cleaning (if they’re not sleeping), which means your cat is happy, comfortable, and most of all, clean.

    Quiet Creatures

    A dog can drive you bonkers with barking. But a cat is barely audible at all. They might meow when hungry, but they move around gracefully and quietly. When they’re not, they’re probably sleeping, so they’re far more peaceful than a puppy.

    Cats Are Curious

    Cats are curious about everything. They love to explore the great outdoors as well as every nook and cranny at home. This makes them interesting, and oftentimes hilarious to watch as they discover something they didn’t expect.

    They’re Intelligent

    While they don’t work the same way as dogs, cats can be trained, just not in the same way. They behave in accordance with how you treat them and will communicate this to get what they want. They know just how cute to be when they want attention or food!

    They Help You Relax

    After a long day, it can be nice to sit down and stroke your cat while it happily purrs away. Science has shown that this positive bonding, rhythmic stroking, and focused attention is a great way to relax and relieve daily stresses.

    Good For Our Health

    They also play a huge part in our mental and physical health. Interaction with them helps lower blood pressure and releases dopamine and serotonin. This helps improve our mood, immune function, and reduce the risk of illness and disease.

    Majestic and Adorable

    The way they move and position themselves can be both adorable and funny. They have elegant agility at times and can bend themselves into all sorts of shapes, making them interesting and fun to watch.

    Excellent Reflexes

    They can climb almost anything and fit into any small space. Some like to play fetch and some like to catch bugs. They’re so quick they can even catch and dispose of pesky flies, making them great pest controllers.

    They Show Love

    They may not jump about and lick us like a dog, but they show their love in other ways. Whether it’s rubbing against your leg, meowing, or cuddling up on your lap, they can be very lovable and affectionate.

    More Than a Standard Pet

    As you can see, cats are wonderfully adorable and intelligent animals and are so much more than just a standard pet. With all of their quirks and peculiarities, they are the majestic moggies we’ve come to love.

    Good for our health and great for our soul, making them one of the most loved animals in the world. For more about pets, come and check out our blog today.