How to Prepare for Apartment Puppies

June 25, 2018

This is something you should inquire about before you acquire apartment puppies.

If you are thinking of adding a puppy to your family but are hesitant because you live in an apartment, don’t fret. We take the utmost pride in educating our pet parents. Here are three things you can do to make your apartment puppies have an easy and comfortable transition into their new home.

Do your apartment have any breed or weight restrictions?

There are some apartment complexes and communities that do no permit specific breeds on their premises. Furthermore, there are some places don’t only allow apartment puppies that will grow to a certain size. Say for instance, Rottweilers start out small and soon grow to be quite large! Contact your leasing office to obtain all of this information, including any associated fees. Those fees could be nominal and only a deposit, or they could be more costly and on a monthly basis.

Purchase a crate and become educated on crate training.

Crate training is great for apartment puppies, as it helps to keep relatively small spaces cleaner and provides structure for your pups. We provide in-depth details on crate training to all puppy parents. We also carry a wide variety of crates. Our staff can assist you with finding the perfect crate for your new apartment companion.

Find the nearest park.

Apartment puppies, especially some of the larger ones, will require exercise and will love some playtime with other pups! Venture out or hop online to locate some parks in your area. Early socialization is important, but so is establishing a routine with your pup for elimination purposes. Your apartment community may actually have designated walking trails and areas for its residents’ dogs. Some are spacious and some are just patches! Do your research – it could be a fun venture for you and your pup!