November 17th is National Take a Hike Day

November 15, 2018

Today is National Take a Hike Day, which is observed annually on November 17th.

There are over 60,000 miles of trails in the national trail system across the country. There’s an opportunity to hike pretty much everywhere. Taking a hike alone is fantastic and so is taking one with a dog. Our American Eskimo puppies for sale are the perfect companion! They are built for stamina challenging situations. So, if you’re ready to participate in National Take a Hike Day, take a look at these five tips for hiking with your canine friend.

Tip 1 – Make sure that your American Eskimo puppies are up-to-date on their shots and attended routine veterinary appointments. You’ll be doing fun yet strenuous activities so their health is very important.

Tip 2 – Bring enough food and water for your dog and yourself. If it’s hot or cold where you live, you want to make sure that you and your dog are properly hydrated. This could take a few hours. Make it as enjoyable as possible.

Tip 3 – When you think about American Eskimo puppies for sale you may envision them in cold climates with doggy backpacks on their bodies. Well, in this case, that’s a good thing to envision, because it’s practical and necessary for hiking. Because of the large size of American Eskimo puppies, they can stand to hold a few items for you while hiking.

Tip 4 – Pick up after your pup! Bring along poop bags and even a bag to hold it while you’re hiking. There may or may not be trash cans or places for you to dispose of it along the way.

Tip 5 – Bring a pet emergency aid kit, just in case. This should include items like bandages, ointment for cuts or scrapes, and some sort of antiseptic that can be used to clean any bruises or injuries.


Enjoying National Take a Hike Day can be pleasant especially if you are prepared!