Prepping For a Puppy

December 20, 2018

We take excellent care of all the dogs in our care.

This is why when you become a new pet owner of one of our Newfoundland puppies for sale, we want you to be as prepared as possible. We have a list of essential things that you’ll need to make your house a home for your new furry friend.

Water and Food Bowls

You’re going to learn this fairly quickly. Puppies have a lot of energy. They play hard and sleep even harder! Because of said energy, you want to make sure that you have a consistent supply of water for them and that food is given at the appropriate times. For now, we are stressing the importance of having actual bowls that suit your animal. For instance, Newfoundland puppies for sale in our store are small, yes, but they are a little larger than most little puppies. We make sure that their bowls are of the proper height for their consumption and won’t tip over easily and accidentally.

Keep the bowls clean. Ideally, stainless steel bowls are recommended because of their weight and quite frankly they’re easy to clean, too. As your Newfoundland starts to grow, you’ll need to upgrade the bowl sizes accordingly.

Harness or Collar and Leash

All of our Newfoundland puppies for sale have been vaccinated and you’ll receive a rabies tag. You may choose to keep this on your pup or in your home for record keeping. For the former, having a harness or collar on your dog will allow you to hang it. You can also hang ID tags that contain your contact information and your pet’s name should you and your pup inadvertently become separated.

A leash is used for walking purposes and to keep control of your pup. We recommend having one, even if you’ve got a massive backyard. When you leave your home with your dog, you’ll need a leash.


Quite naturally your puppy is going to need toys. They will entertain them but also serve as a form of exercise and relief from boredom. Boredom can lead to destructive behavior and you don’t want that. Because you just recently bought one of our Newfoundland puppies for sale, you’ll need some strong but puppy-safe chew toys can help with teething too. Here are some dos and don’ts:

  • DO buy nylon chews or hard rubber balls.
  • DO not give your pup toys that fit in his mouth entirely. This is a choking hazard. As your pup grows, you may need to throw it out and get a larger size.
  • DO not give your dog anything that’s hard, has sharp points, or any attachments.
  • DO not allow your dog to play with shoes, socks, or any personal clothing. Lest you start, this can be a very bad habit to break and is also dangerous.
  • DO puppy proof your house periodically to ensure things like plastic wrap, twist ties, string, etc. aren’t lying around and accessible for consumption.

Sleeping Quarters

We all love warm and comfy environments and your pup is no exception. Purchase a crate early on and line it with a dog-friendly pillow/bed and a toy or two. Make it nice and relaxing for your dog, creating a den-like environment. Dogs love to have their own personal space, so give it to them.


These are just a few of the things that we suggest purchasing at the same time, or soon after, getting one of the Newfoundland puppies for sale you found here. We have more suggestions and we are here to help you make the best choices of care and comfort for your new pup.