Short Hair Don’t Care!

May 23, 2018

Are you in the market to buy a dog, but not sure if you want short hair puppies or long hair puppies?


It’s quite the decision to make, because with either choice time is needed, however for long hair puppies, they fall short in some areas! Here, we’re playing devil’s advocate and siding with short hair puppies. We have a comprehensive checklist for you to ponder before you buy a dog.

Time’s a Ticking!

For humans and dogs alike, with long hair comes longer prep. There’s way more care and attention needed with long hair puppies than short hair puppies. Doggies with long and flowing manes means time spent brushing and sometimes wrestling with your pup to sit still while you tend to their tresses. Be honest with yourself before you buy a dog. If you are someone who cannot spare the time or effort to brush your dog’s coat regularly, then it’s borderline cruelty to get long hair puppies. Short hair puppies typically need a quick brush or two and that’s it!

Work Hard or Play Hard?

As we mentioned, it can be a hassle to constantly brush long hair puppies. Would you rather spend your time petting your dog versus working to keep their fur from matting, tangling, or potentially getting caught in their nails? Are you someone who would rather have the loving companionship of a dog, instead of grooming them? Are you someone who loves to play, but hates to brush, if so short hair puppies might be right for you.

It’s Lint!

All dogs shed to some degree. We won’t disputethat;however long hair puppies are more likely to put the “fur” in furniture! Are you willing to constantly clean up little fur balls found around your home? If your answer is “no,” then short hair puppies might be best for you. Do you want to keep lint brushes handy in each room and in your car? If the answers are “no,” then long hair puppies may not be best for you.

As we mentioned earlier, we’re making light of this debate, before you buy a dog! We recognize that no matter the length of your dog’s hair, they bring great joy and comfort. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions you may have and while you’re at it, take a look at the short hair puppies we have for sale.