The Beauty of Rottweilers

May 2, 2018

They’re big. They’re bold. They’re beautiful.


TheRottiepuppy undoubtedly holds that title! To maintain their beauty takes knowledge, persistence, and care. Below is all about their physical attributes and appearance.

Size and Weight

Once theRottiepuppy matures, he should stand between 24 to 27 inches at his shoulder. Females should stand between 22 to 25 inches. In general, the matureRottiepuppy should be slightly longer than they are tall. Males weigh around 115 pounds, while females weigh in around 100 pounds.


Rottweilers are muscular, powerful, athletic dogs. As we previously mentioned, their bodies are somewhat longer than they are tall. Their triangular ears sit atop their large, broad heads. Their black coats cover their eyes, cheeks, chest, lower legs, and under their tails. TheRottiepuppy has a black and wide nose, black lips, and also the insides of their mouths are black. The eyes are dark brown, deep set, and beautifully shaped like almonds. They typically have their dewclaws removed and have docked tails.

Color and Coat

Rottweilers are always black with markings over the eyes, cheeks, each side of the muzzle, the chest, legs, and beneath the tail. The tail area may sometimes range from a rust to mahogany color. The coat of aRottiepuppy is medium in length, coarse to the touch, and straight. The undercoat is concentrated on the neck and thighs. The coat is always shorter on the head, ears, and legs, than the rest of its body.

Grooming Needs

You’ll find that yourRottiepuppy will indeed shed, and pretty heavily twice a year! You should brush him at least two to three times a week to remove loose hair. Brushing also helps to distribute natural skin oils, which helps to keep their coats healthy and shiny. Bathe only as needed.


Brush yourRottiepuppy’s teeth twice a week to prevent tartarbuild upand bad breath and to also promote healthy gums. Keep an eye on their eyes, by checking for signs of waxbuild upand infections. To clean them, use a cotton ball with a cleanser approved by a vet. Under no circumstances should you use a cotton swab in the canal of yourRottiepuppy. Keep their nails nice and trimmed.

If you follow these instructions and guidelines, yourRottiepuppy will maintain itsprize-winningcoats. Contact us for more information and to see the availableRottieswe have in store!