3 Great Dog Breeds for Seniors

February 8, 2020

Dogs are traditionally called “man’s best friend” for a reason. They are loving and playful, providing great company to people of all ages. Of course, depending on which stage of life you’re in there are certain breeds that will fit better into your life. The best dogs for seniors are calm, affectionate and low maintenance.

When the children leave the home and the grandchildren start growing up and getting busy with their own activities, senior adults can experience loneliness and boredom. A dog makes a great companion and friend. In fact, several studies have shown that dogs improve the health of the elderly.

Poodles are still a very popular breed among senior adults. They are very regal looking. Their intelligence makes them easy to train. You will never be bored when you own a poodle.

Their playfulness and energy make them a very entertaining dog. They are one of the best dogs for seniors because Poodles are clean dogs and have minimal shedding. They come in 3 varieties: standard, miniature, and toy. You are sure to find one that fits your situation.

Maltese was bred specifically to be a companion dog. They are gentle and loving. Their small size makes them one of the best dogs for seniors who may be lacking in strength. Maltese shed little, which makes for quick cleanup.

Their hair is long, but most people keep their coat short so it is manageable. If you don’t mind daily brushing, you can let your pet’s glorious mane flow. Good health is one of the Maltese’s strongest features. These lap dogs also love learning tricks and pleasing their owners.

This is a great dog for an older adult who doesn’t want the typical lap dog. They are medium in size. Shar-Peis are one of the easiest dogs to housetrain. They usually do not like strangers and make excellent watchdogs.

Shar-Peis are very independent. They are good for owners who may not be home all the time. If you still enjoy getting out and taking walks often, a Shar-Pei is a perfect companion for you. They have short hair, so grooming is kept at a minimum.