7 Tips for Naming Your Dog

February 15, 2020

Choosing a name for your dog isn’t always an easy decision, and since our names help form our identity, it’s also an important decision. Most domestic dogs are named after people. In fact, the most popular names of dogs listed online include Max, Lucy, and Molly. While some may say it is just a trend, we believe that giving your dog a human name is a way of showing that your pet is a member of the family.

What’s behind the name?

For people, names have often been selected with the notion that they will influence the child’s behavior and self-perception and that they will be molded by their given names. The same holds true in pets. Think about the possible outcome of when you of naming your dog, and how others will perceive your dog based on his given name. Indeed, choosing a name for your dog is an essential part of the bonding process between you and your pet.

Here are a few tips:

1. Your dog’s name should show off your creativity and second, it should attempt to reflect the nature of your dog.

2. A huge percentage of dog names are human names. On top of the list is Max for male dog names while Molly is often considered the most common female dog name. Other top dog names on the list include Charlie, Daisy, Rocky, Maggie, Bella, Jack, Buddy, and Lucy.

3. There are still dog owners who name their dogs based on their physical appearance and personality. The more traditional names include Patches, Brownie, Spot or Lady—dog names that already give us a peep on the dog’s personality and character.

4. Just like people’s names, there are so many sources of ideas for the names of dogs. Art, literature, TV, movies, and music are great sources of inspiration for many dog owners anywhere in the world. Think about Elvis and Mozart from the great music legends and Shiloh and Rintintin from all-time movie favorites. Have you met a dog named Chanel whose owner is a fashionista? How about Venus or Homer from the classics?

5. Get to know your dog. One of the thrills when bringing home a new puppy is thinking of a name for the newest addition to the family. When naming a dog, it is best to take on a wait-and-see approach. Try to get to know your puppy for a while and you will see hints in his behavior or personality that will help you think of the best name for your pooch.

6. Short names are best. Choose a name that is easy on the tongue. The best ones are those with one- or two syllables. Compare the difference when calling out Zeus and Marmalade.

7. No names that rhyme with commands. Although it is recommended that you choose a dog name ending with a vowel sound like Willie and Missy, NEVER choose one that rhymes with basic commands like Joe which may sound like “no”