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  • March 28: Respect Your Cat Day

    Did you know cats can make about 100 sounds? Cats are not only intuitive about their surroundings, but they want to communicate what they’ve learned, isn’t that amazing! Now, it’s time cats receive the loving respect they so deserve, so today, it’s time to celebrate them for their unique personalities and loving affection. 

    With this guide, we’ll take a look at how to best respect your cat and celebrate them on respect your cat day. From learning how to pet your cat properly to trimming your cat’s nails correctly, you can learn how to be aware of your cat’s boundaries.  

    Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at how to celebrate your cat: 

    Learn How to Pet Your Cat Properly 

    Cats, like humans, are complex creatures, and because of that, showing affection towards your cat can be difficult at times. You may have already noticed incidences where you’ve pet your cat, and their mood has immediately changed.  

    Well, unlike dogs, cats are more sensitive. After all, cats don’t generally like their belly scratched or petted. Instead, cats prefer to have their head and neck massaged. If you pet your cat properly, they’ll show you the same affection back. 

    Make Sure Your Cat Isn’t Bored 

    While it’s true, cats aren’t as high maintenance or as needy as dogs, that doesn’t mean they don’t need attention. One of the best ways to give them attention, especially if you’re busy throughout the day, is with a toy. 

    There are numerous toys you can buy, from wind-up robotic toys to food dispensing toys; your cat will surely love each one. However, don’t let these toys replace the time you should physically spend with your cat. 

    Trim Your Cat’s Nails Correctly 

    Trimming your cat’s nails might be difficult, but don’t give up just yet. Here’s why: if you stop trimming their nails, it could put your cat’s health in danger. 

    After all, nails never stop growing, so if you stop trimming them, you’ll only put your cat at risk. In fact, indoor cats are more susceptible to injuries due to household furniture and fabric. For instance, cats may get their long nails stuck in carpet fibers, resulting in your cat tearing its nail.

    Other problems occur when the nail itself becomes so long that it curves inward towards the pad. This can cause an infection and make your cat’s paw not only hurt but become sensitive. Thus, trimming your cat’s nails is necessary to ensure your cat has healthy nails.    

    Celebrate Respect Your Cat Day Now 

    There’s no better way to celebrate Respect Your Cat Day than considering your cat’s boundaries, health needs, and attention span. Make sure you give him or her all the love by being aware and conscientious of their space. 

    Don’t try to force anything on your cat. Instead, let your cat tell you what they like or dislike.  

  • Top 5 Dog Care Tips

    Dogs are the cutest and most loving companions that you’d probably ever find. They know how to look with sad, gooey eyes until you finally oblige to that walk in the park or toss them a nice bone. They also know how to make messes and have so much fun while at it that you don’t have the heart to reprimand them. 

    Caring for your furry companion is one very essential aspect that you shouldn’t take for granted. They are quite delicate, and as such, they require a measure of care to maintain their hygiene and keep them in a bubble of good health. 

    Therefore, here are 5 care tips that every dog parent should know: 

    1. Feed Regularly With High-quality Food  

    The two keywords here are ‘regularly’ and ‘high-quality’. You might be tempted to feed your dog with human food, and while this isn’t entirely a bad idea, it might not be ideal. 

    You should always consult with your veterinarian for recommendations. And a general tip is that the initial ingredients on the label of food that you want to feed your pup with should be some form of meat, not grain or meat by-product. 

    Clean water, changed from time to time is vital too! 

    1. Have a Qualified Veterinarian On Board 

    Veterinarians are experts on animal health, physiology, and just about everything that has to do with your dog. 

    Ensure that the veterinarian whose services you are engaging is reliable and qualified, and you can easily test this by evaluating the responses you get to your questions and interaction with your dog. 

    You would also need to get your pet vaccinated and brought in for regular checkups. If you notice anything out of place, your first port of call should be the vet!

    1. Spend Time With Daisy!

    Dogs are social creatures and need companionship just as much as you do. You need to spend time indoors with your dog, and you don’t necessarily have to do anything elaborate. 

    Dog toys and having an outdoor space for your pet to play in are not bad ideas, but they cannot replace your presence. 

    Try to avoid leaving her alone for extended periods and occasionally come up with fun games and adventures that you can go on together. 

    1. Physical Exercise 

    You definitely want Max to stay in prime health, so, you would need to get Max exercising. Physical exercise is essential for the physical fitness of your pet and it is your responsibility to ensure that he gets adequate exercise. 

    The regular daily walk alongside some carving up a time to play with your canine companion does the magic. Not sure how much exercise Max needs? Speak with the vet!

    1. Grooming 

    This can be done by you or you can fix regular vet visits. It typically involves a proper, thorough bath, clipping of toenails and cleaning the paws, trimming the coat, and brushing it down so that it glows. Some nice fragrance and you’ve got the cleanest pet in the world!