Q:Are you puppies rescues?
Our puppies are not rescues. They are intentionally bred from quality breeders (not puppy mills). Because they are intentionally bred, we are aware of our puppies’ backgrounds, parent information, and medical history. Each puppy has a clear bill of health from a licensed veterinarian. We are also proud to offer a health guarantee to give our new puppy parent’s peace of mind. Give us a call sometime and we would love to speak to you personally.

Q:Where do you puppies come from?
A: Our puppies are acquired from licensed and inspected breeders who have knowledge and compassion for their puppies and the puppies’ parents. Our breeders always put animal welfare first. We love all of our puppies like family members. Our goal is to match your home with the perfect puppy.

Q: Will my puppy be microchipped?
A:Yes, all of our puppies are microchipped. Our Petkey microchips require a lifetime activation for only a one time fee of $59.99 at time of adoption. This chip will provide you with over 10 hours of puppy training videos, lifetime access to speak with a professional dog trainer, and is a permanent form of identification (This chip is not a tracking device.) In a pets lifetime, one out of three will become lost. Without enrollment registration and identification about ninety percent will not be recovered.

Q: What breeds are best for people who have allergies?
A: People who have allergies should consider a puppy with minimal shedding also known as a hypoallergenic. We have a very nice selection of hypoallergenic breeds some of which may be a Shih-Tzu, Bichon Frise, Yorkshire Terrier, and Poodle. We also have designer breeds which are intentionally bred to cater to people with allergies such as a Goldendoodle or a Cav-a-Poo.

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