General FAQ:

Q: Do you accept animals from individuals looking to rehome a pet?

A: Sometimes people have pets that they need to rehome for various reasons (moving, do not have time, cannot afford to keep a pet, allergic to a pet, etc.) Even if the pet is not from our store, we do take some animals as a donation if someone is trying to rehome them. We are very strict about the quality and condition of the animal we bring into our store and will need to ask a series of questions before accepting them as a donation or before possibly purchasing. If you are interested in relinquishing an animal to our store for us to rehome, you may text information and photos to 540-414-4115. Include what species the animal is, age, specific food/diet animal is receiving, reason for needing to rehome and any medical and/or behavioral history. Include photos of animal, along with type of enclosure the animal has been kept in. We will respond as soon as we are able to with more questions or we will let you know that we are not interested. If we are not interested in the animal, you may use our bulletin board inside of the store to post a small advertisement. We can also help with ways for you to keep your pet and give you guidance that will hopefully help to overcome obstacles you are facing with the pet with advice, or certain products. There are many species that we do not and will not accept or carry in our store at all. Please do not show up with animal assuming that we will take the pet as donation or purchase. In addition, we only accept qualified relinquishes from the actual owner of animal.

Q: Do you offer grooming?
Please contact Tess at The Puppy Spa by calling 540-886-7387 to inquire about dog grooming services or to schedule an appointment. For any information about professional dog grooming needs, please call The Puppy Spa instead of Pets N Pals. The Puppy Spa is a separate operation from Pets-N-Pals.

Q: Can I bring my pet inside of the store to visit?
Yes! Absolutely. We love to see your pets! Please make sure all pets are kept either on a leash, or on your person (in a carrier or being held). We cannot allow animals to run around the store. We have a very loved store cat free roaming the store. Please only bring your pet inside of the store if the pet is people friendly and animal friendly and is healthy (not carrying a transferable or contagious illness). During your visit, we kindly ask that if you pet has an accident (potty or poop), please let an associate know immediately, so it can be cleaned up by pet owner or store staff. We look forward to seeing you and your pets soon!

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Puppy FAQ:

Q: Can I put a deposit on a puppy?
A: You may put a deposit on a puppy. We do NOT require a deposit to visit our puppies. You are welcome to visit our available puppies during business hours. Without a deposit, availability for each puppy is first come, first serve. A deposit is the only way to place a hold on a particular puppy. Please call 540-886-5056 for more information. In addition, having an approval for financing does not place a puppy on hold. Informing a staff member that you are coming to see a particular puppy and/or traveling does not put a puppy on hold. A deposit is the only way to place a hold on a particular puppy.

Q: How can I trust that this website is not a scam? And why would I choose Pets-N-Pals over another online puppy ad?
A:⭐️You can trust Pets-N-Pals as a reputable business of over 30 years. Our team will call you to introduce ourselves and to learn more about the type of puppy you are looking for and to help you decide which breed is the best match for you and your family. We can even FaceTime you to show you our store and our adorable puppies! We do not primarily communicate through email and/or text message to consult with our customers. Also, we do not ship puppies.
⭐️There is no money / no deposit required to visit our puppies. (Deposits are optional) You may visit our store to view our puppies anytime during business hours. No appointment needed.
⭐️A Virginia pet store is heavily regulated to ensure animal welfare for our puppies and their parents. These regulations, along with our strict store standards ensure our puppies are not from puppy mills. Unregulated sources/websites can be dangerous. An unregulated source or website can potentially be a scam or a puppy mill.
⭐️Our health guarantee gives customers peace of mind, with pre-purchase vet exam/ clear bill of health. You will receive all medical history and puppy documentation when you take your new puppy home.
⭐️You will also find a nice variety / selection of breeds at our store. Having options and a helpful staff gives you peace of mind that you will be matched with the breed best fit for your family! We match you based on many factors, some of which include: desired temperament, personality, energy level, adult size, household pet allergies (may need a hypoallergenic breed), male/female, yard space, etc.
Call us today to learn more 540-886-5056.
⭐️Each of our puppies are well-socialized from responsible breeders. Our puppies have a clear bill of health from a licensed veterinarian and health guarantee. All of our puppies are current on vaccines and deworming and have had prevention for giardia and coccidia. Each puppy has been microchipped with a one time only fee of $79.99 for a lifetime enrollment. We have done the work of finding healthy puppies from reputable breeders. We look forward to matching you with your new pal!

Q:Where do your puppies come from?
A:Please visit the OUR PUPPIES  page to read about where our puppies come from 🙂

Q:Are your puppies rescues?
Our puppies are not rescues. They are intentionally bred and well-bred from quality and professional breeders. Because they are intentionally bred, we are aware of our puppies’ backgrounds, parent information, and medical history which we pass along to the new owner when they take their new puppy home. Each puppy has a clear bill of health from a licensed veterinarian. We are also proud to offer a health guarantee to give our new puppy parents peace of mind on their new addition.

Q: What kind of health guarantee do your puppies have?
A: We guarantee that your puppy is healthy and fit for purchase (is free of infectious disease at time of purchase, and free of life-threatening congenital birth defect) When you get your puppy, you will receive copies of all medical records and full health warranty. Our puppies have a clean bill of health from a licensed vet before coming to Pets N Pals. During a puppy’s stay at Pets N Pals, we do not hesitate to take our puppies (or any animal) to a licensed vet for any concern at all. We say “if a dog farts funny, it goes to the vet!” If your puppy has seen a vet for any reason at all during their stay, we are fully transparent to our customers and will pass along any and all medical history. We are here to sell healthy animals. We do follow-up calls with our customers when our puppies go home to ensure your new addition is adapting well.*The sale of dogs and cats (we do not carry cats) is subject to the provisions of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act*

Q: How long does the process take to purchase a puppy? How does it work?

A: Finding the puppy that you bond with could take any length of time. With our pet consultants ability to match you with the perfect puppy based on many factors, some of which include: desired temperament, personality, energy level, adult size, household pet allergies (may need a hypoallergenic breed), male/female, yard space, budget and many other factors, they will be able to narrow down the potential matches for you to visit with and choose from. After you have selected the perfect puppy, your pet consultant will walk you around the store to show you the proper supplies to get for your new addition! The walkaround may take anywhere from 15-45 minutes. If you are choosing to use financing, the financing process may take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1 hour (after approval) depending on many factors. Our in-store puppy paperwork typically takes 20-45 minutes. Your pet consultant will allow time for any questions you may have throughout the puppy paperwork. We do not rush through paperwork, but instead we need to trust that you understand what you are signing as all paperwork is directly related to how to care for your puppy when you take them home. Please understand we need every customer to truly care about this process and take the time to listen to the guidance of their pet consultant.
***Please plan to visit when you have open availability on your schedule and are able to take extra time to ask questions.***

Q: What breeds are best for people who have allergies?
A: People who have allergies should consider a puppy with minimal shedding also known as a hypoallergenic. We have a very nice selection of hypoallergenic breeds some of which may be a Shih-Tzu, Bichon Frise, Yorkshire Terrier, and Poodle. We also have designer breeds which are intentionally bred to cater to people with allergies such as a Goldendoodle or a Cav-a-Poo.

Q: Will my puppy be microchipped?
A:Yes, all of our puppies are microchipped. Our microchips require a lifetime activation for only a one time fee of $79.99 at time of purchase. This is a permanent form of identification (This chip is not a tracking device.) You will be provided with all microchip benefits and information at time of purchase with a take home folder.

Q: When is too soon to get another, after losing a family pet?
A:Remember,you are never “replacing” your pet, but instead getting another one to love and adore as you did the previous family pet. Everyone is different and only YOU will know when you are ready. Losing a family pet is always hard, whether it is a family dog or a lizard. Some people need another permanent companion right away and others may take weeks, months, or years before they are ready for another pet. There is no right or wrong way to cope. Everyone is different. Sometimes animals truly are the best therapy for us!

Q: Do your puppies get to run around the store for exercise?
A:Our puppies are current on vaccines; however, because they have a developing immune system (not fully developed), it is important to limit their exposure to public areas where unfamiliar dogs have been (including when they leave) until their immune system is fully developed and they have had all of their vaccines. For these reasons, the puppies are not permitted to touch the store floor. They get plenty of interaction and exercise throughout the day playing with their roommates and/or littermates. We also get them out frequently to interact with them and do their daily health checks and grooming. Puppies need to rest! Because they are growing and developing, they sleep most of the day, like a newborn baby would. It is important that they get plenty of rest and are not overly-stimulated with activities or too much play.

Q: What do you do with the puppies at night?
A:Because our puppies are babies with developing immune systems, moving them at night would be very stressful for them. We keep them with their roommates and/or litter mates where they are very safe, warm and have food and water. We can see them anytime on our high definition cameras all night long. If a puppy, or any pet, needs TLC throughout the night (frequent meals, or special care, etc), they will go home with us at night.

Q:Can I bring my dog in to meet the puppy before we decide to bring the new puppy home?
A:You are welcome to bring your dog in during your visit, but it may not be as beneficial or necessary as you may expect. For sanitation purposes and disease prevention, our puppies are not allowed to touch outside dogs nor puppies, even if they are current on vaccines, during their stay at Pets N Pals. Traditionally any dog will be accepting of a puppy, as puppies are typically more passive than adult dogs. You will likely find that your dog will play a nurturing roll in the puppy’s life. Our team will give you tips on how to introduce your current dog(s) with the new puppy for the best transitional process as possible. Also, remember we would never send a puppy home with anyone if we did not truly believe they would get along. Instead of bringing your dog in to visit, it may be more beneficial to put your focus and energy towards the new puppy and making sure you connect with him or her during your puppy appointment/visit. Also, the microchip enrollment with each puppy will have endless transitional tips and our team will reach out to you after you take your new puppy home to ensure a smooth transition!

Q: Do people actually finance their puppy?
A:Yes, many customers choose a payment plan option because they enjoy saving their money and only paying monthly. It is also a good opportunity to build credit. The payment plans are based on a credit check. If approved, you may take your puppy and oftentimes your puppy supplies,home that day with little to no money down. Many customers take advantage of promotional terms if the companies offer them, such as; rebate promotion, 90 Day SAC (Same as cash), 6 month no interest, etc. If you consider financing a puppy to be “silly”, remember, financing with a loan is not much different than using a personal credit card. Everyone should have an opportunity to get the perfect match of puppy for their family, even if they are on a budget. (We do not allow co-applicants for financing, so please only apply with one person on loan, even if the finance company has co-applicant listed as an option)

Q: Can you contact me when a particular breed is available?
A: It is best for our customers to keep an eye on our website for most current availability, where we also list the breeds coming soon. We keep that information very current, including the dates of availability. We do not keep a waiting list/call list. Please contact us if you are interested in a puppy listed on our website by calling 540-886-5056, sending a text message to 540-414-4115 or visit our store.

Q: Why are Bulldogs so expensive?
A:English and French Bulldogs have to have artificial insemination and
C-Section to breed successfully which can be very costly. Also, most online puppy ads for “inexpensive” Bulldogs are scams.

Q: What do you do with the puppies that do not get purchased?
A:Every puppy finds a home. Our well-bred puppies only spend a short amount of time at our store before finding a home. For the ones that may stay with us a little longer, we take care of them until we match them with their perfect family. We do traditionally lower their price if they have a slightly extended stay, while still ensuring they find the perfect home for them. It is important to make sure each puppy is matched with the right family. While we are happy to respect a budget, we do not want anyone settling on a dog because their price is lowered. We will match you based on many factors, some of which include: desired temperament, personality, energy level, adult size, household pet allergies (may need a hypoallergenic breed), male/female, yard space, etc. Our puppies are family and we want them to be treated like family when they go home too.

Q: Are your puppies potty-trained?
A:Pets N Pals is not a permanent environment. therefore it t would be near impossible to effectively potty-train our puppies. A puppy needs a steady routine in their permanent environment to be properly potty-trained. There are many different ways to potty-train a puppy. Our team will help guide you on the best way to potty-train them when you get the supplies for your puppy. There are many different items that can make potty-training a lot easier for everyone! Whether you decide to crate train, potty-pad train, use a potty-patch, got-to-go door bells, etc.,we will make sure you get the guidance you need from us or the Pet Key microchip dog trainers and/or videos. Also, if you have another dog at home, they may help your puppy learn even faster, as the puppy is likely to follow in their footsteps!

Small Animal FAQ:

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