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Customer Comments: I got Jazz last Saturday. He's such a sweet bundle of joy! The employees are excellent and very friendly and helpful. You can tell that all the animals are well taken care of. It's probably the best Pet store I've ever been in. Thanks to Pets N Pals I have the sweetest little puppy imaginable!


Customer Comments: Love our new MinPin. She is healthy and growing like a weed. She is the second one from Pets and pals. Love visiting the shop,you have everything we need and much more!

Scott and Kim

Customer Comments: We adopted our two Cocker Spaniel brothers last week, (named them “Willie and Nelson”) from the best group of caring animal lovers at Pets and Pals. The entire team lead by Emily clearly knows animals and how to take care of them. We could not be happier with our two new family members and the great experience of purchasing them there.

Terry&Gloria Hamilton

Customer Comments: Valkyrie is the second MinPin we have purchased from pets and pals. We had the first one for 15 years and are looking forward to another 15years with this one. We have been well pleased with the helpful staff and the selection of merchandise in the store.

Darrel and Laurie Kitt

Customer Comments: We got our beautiful Boston Terrier Nova .The staff was wonderful .Everything went extremely good .Thank you so much we love her so much.Our family is complete.

Barb B.

Customer Comments: I go to Pets n' Pals for all sorts of wonderful things for my kitty and dog. They are always courteous and knowledgeable. I love going to this shop just to look around ,,,,, they have everything you could possibly need for your pet.

Stacey and Tracy

Customer Comments: The staff at Pets N Pals were super friendly and greeted you right away coming inside. My sister and I fell in love with the three happy and healthy Schnoodles we just got from the store. They answered all of our questions and even showed us the breeders inspection reports!


Customer Comments: I recently purchased a yorkie poo and I absolutely love the little guy. The staff/owner was so patient and very helpful during my time there.

Carrie and “Tiny Tim “

Customer Comments: I just brought little Tim home Friday afternoon and my goodness he is such a sweet little baby!! Very healthy, very sweet, loves attention and is the ultimate lap pup! After my boy Beorn passed I was heart sick for another dog. I had always had overlaps when having dogs and the time without one was making me sick... that’s when I went to Pets N Pals! They had a little poodle puppy and they have been awesome since I brought home! Texting me making sure he is ok, making sure that I don’t have any questions, making sure he stays healthy. That’s what this place is about! Healthy, happy puppies and happy families!


Customer Comments: I was told about this place by the owner name Emily as she visits my job an I was telling her I lost my puppy on May 3rd 2019 an her an I had a long conversation an it was great she then encouraged me to visit her store so on may 22nd I did. I actually had no intention on getting an animal until me an my daughter spotted Sapphire who was an Alaskan malamute she was amazing i then filled out the paperwork was approved an I walked out extremely excited for my new addition. The staff was amazing an took care of everything. I am very pleased with this business as I will def be returning. You guys keep up the amazing work. Will be visiting soon.

Lisa and Jordyn

Customer Comments: Saw the reviews and drove 2 and a half hours on a cold rainy day to look at a yorkiechon. We fell in love with the sweet puppy and ended up getting her sister. These two pups are so sweet and healthy. They have brought so much joy into our lives. Everyone in the store was so kind and helpful. Thank goodness I don’t live so close as i would be visiting all the time. Thank you much for my healthy, loving sweet girls.

Joel Gillespie

Customer Comments: We recently bought a corgi puppy. The process was a little delayed as the breeder took a while to send over info, but the staff was extremely friendly the entire time! Great place for so many pet options and needs!

Danny and Karen

Customer Comments: Got our Shorkie pup yesterday!! Absolutely LOVE her!!! She’s extremely loving, and SO much fun!!! Thank you SO much Emily for all your help!!! You guys are the bomb! Made our little family complete! ❤️


Customer Comments: Have come in many times to play with the puppies and finally found my heart. Amazing little girl puppy. Staff is always great and are there for what ever you need.

Nancy Fillpot

Customer Comments: We always have the best time when we come to pet n pals. I love the variety of animals you have. The Employees are always friendly and willing to help you. I always tell people about your store. I love it


Customer Comments: My Husband and I have gotten two of our fur babies from pets & pals.. Our babies have always been in great health. They are well taken care of by the staff and owners. One of the things I love with the staff, is how they call after we brought our babies home. checking up making sure they are okay and ask if we had any questions about the breed they could answer. I love the time they take with the animals and how well they take care of the new pet owners. The staff is wonderful and animals loving.


Customer Comments: We come in a few times a week for crickets and to just see the animals especially the puppies! We bought our sweet little Frenchie here a couple of weeks ago...we love him! Wonderful staff, super helpful and friendly!

Raywood Myers

Customer Comments: We have bought everything from dogs to ferrets. We had our little Coco for 17 years. These are the best people to deal with. They are very helpful and friendly. This is the only store to deal with when getting a new pet.

Sara M

Customer Comments: Wonderful, caring loving and patient staff!! I will be back and I would highly recommend! Great place, wonderful experience.

Pets n Pals

Customer Comments: Im so glad we was able to get Brutis from yall. He is so very lovable and playful. Yall did a great job with him and yall do a great job with all your animals. I definitely recommend Pets n Pals pet store to everyone. Yall have the best, friendliest, caring, helpful staff. My experience with them is the best I have ever had in other stores. I will definitely be back for more shopping for my pets!!!

Tonia Clemmer

Customer Comments: Awesome store with the most wonderful and knowledgeable people! I got my sweet Turbo from here and have been going back since for supplies, food (which they special order for me), or just to visit and see the sweet puppies! My son has autism and just loves to see and hold a puppy and they always allow him to spend a few minutes with a puppy of his choosing. Love this place!!!!!!


Customer Comments: Love Pets N Pals Everyone is knowledgeable and happy to help you. I will continue to shop there and ask for advice because they don’t disappoint ❤️

Cody harris

Customer Comments: I got my past 2 reptiles from you guys and they were healthy happy animals and you guys have a great staff!!

Donna T

Customer Comments: Pets N Pals has the best selection of saltwater and freshwater fish. If there's something you want and don't see it, just talk to Emily or Chris! The puppies are chosen from the best and most reputable breeders. There is always a video playing of the breeder and the kennels, so you know where and the environment the fur babies came from. The staff...they are amazing! Everyone is extremely nice and always willing to answer any questions you may have. This is by far my FAVORITE store! Come by and see them... and tell them Donna sent you!

Jessi Reade

Customer Comments: I purchased my puppy on 4-25-19 and I couldn't be happier. I have looked for a long time and when I saw my girl, I knew she was the one! The staff was so kind and helpful. I could tell that they really cared about the puppies. My girl is so smart and has been a dream with all aspects of her training, which clearly shows me that she was well cared for while at Pets -N- Pals. In addition, staff has reached out to me several times checking on us. I would highly recommend this business to anyone is serious about becoming a pet owner.


Customer Comments: I got my puppy from you guys and the day I came in to look at puppies I chose to hold woody and he clung to me and would not let me go so we got him . That was the best day ever

Gina Griggs

Customer Comments: Great bunch of people. Enjoyed my experience a lot! Thanks girls for helping me out with my purchase of our Ester! She is very spoiled and we are so in love with her! ❤️

Candice Randolph

Customer Comments: Me and my boyfriend got a Corgi puppy. We had to wait awhile for the breeders to put in her information so we shopped for our new baby and played with the store puppy until we could finsih up. ?

Angela and Steve

Customer Comments: We love filling our new aquarium with the unique fish at Pet N Pals. All of the staff there are friendly and helpful

John Randolph

Customer Comments: My kids love going here to see the birds and fish. I have gotten two dogs from here, both very happy and healthy.


Customer Comments: Everyone is always so friendly and nice when we go in, and my dog Kota especially loves going in to play with his best friend. ,❤

Jennifer Turner

Customer Comments: A few weeks ago I took my friend and coworker with me to Pets-n-Pals..she'd never been there and lived it.We played with your malamute puppy and ogled over all the cute puppies there.What a fun experience! While there ,I picked up some treats and catnip toys which my cats loved!

Stephanie Huffman

Customer Comments: We loved our bichon mix we got there last month!! All the girls there are great ??

Angela Presley

Customer Comments: Great staff. Was very helpful when we was looking at a great harness and leash for our pit bull. I think it’s great they allow the kids to interact with her puppies.

Nancy Fillpot

Customer Comments: We always have the best time when we come to pet n pals. I love the variety of animals you have. The Employees are always friendly and willing to help you. I always tell people about your store. I love it

Tonia Driver

Customer Comments: Had amazing day my daughter n I played with a Siberian Husky. Played with a ferret n a lizard

Chris Bane

Customer Comments: Great customer service and prices

Kendra Thompson

Customer Comments: Staff is super friendly. I'd recommend to anyone.

Caitlin Eastham

Customer Comments: Pets-N-Pals is an amazing pet store. The staff is super friendly, caring, and very helpful. They treat all the animals in there just like they were their own, with love. They keep the store very clean so the animals have a sanitary and comfortable environment to live in until they find there forever home. Ive never had a bad experience here. I strongly recommend Pets-N-Pals to everyone.

Brian Hoover

Customer Comments: Good selection of pets, products, and services. Great staff. Feel free to bring your pet family in with you.

shaun fleming

Customer Comments: When my wife and I go in pet n pals, we're always greeted with a warm welcome and a smile. Our questions and concerns are always answered to the best of their ability. I love my experience everytime I go in to pet n pals. My wife and I will go out of our way to go there. Much better product and experience then anywhere else we've gone.

Amanda Kate Johnson

Customer Comments:
After losing her companion, my Guinea pig was lonely. The staff here let me bring her in to meet other pigs and she picked out a new friend (Wanda). I was so glad I got to introduce her to pigs and make sure they got along before bringing a new pet home.

Morgan Atkins

Customer Comments: I love Stephanie. She is really nice and always helpful. I have gotten my rabbit, dog, and fish from her. She always has the store clean and the animals are always taken care of.

Angela Hawkins

Customer Comments: This is a great place to visit. They always have everything you need. The staff is very helpful and friendly.

Sheena Shifflett

Customer Comments: This place is amazing, very clean, and the employees are exceptional their just the greatest, really they go over the top to help and answer any questions you may have, sweetest people ever! Can't wait to go back!

Lynn Gentry

Customer Comments: Very knowledgeable, friendly individuals who work here. They welcome you with a smile as soon as you walk in the door. They have a Awesome variety of puppies, fish, birds, ferrets and other animals here. Resonably priced and good products.

Betty Lucas

Customer Comments: Great products, great people. My new favorite pet store!!

Dorothy Armentrout

Customer Comments: Love going into this store! They are so welcoming and go out of their way to help you find what you need! I also purchased 2 huskies from them and they are very knowledgeable about what will keep my babies healthy! This is definitely the place I go when I need something for all my fur babies.

Brian Lam

Customer Comments: Love Pets N Pals. I got my little guy “Duke” from them and he has become Family. They are always very respectful and helpful. I also get all of my fish from them especially special orders which they handle very well. Thanks again.

Christina Adkins

Customer Comments: We went in the middle of March to see a goldendoodle puppy as we were looking to find a second addition to our family. We drove over two hours, and were immediately welcomed into the store. The staff was very attentive! I cannot day enough great things about the store and the staff. We immediately knew that we were going to go home with (now named Cooper), and they made sure everything was as seamless as possible. They provided us with a towel in case he got sick or was nervous and were very thorough in asking all questions!