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When making the decision to add a new puppy to your family, there are so many factors to consider. One of the most important factors is making sure you get a puppy from a trusted, regulated source. We are a regulated business and in return our puppies are only acquired from regulated, responsible breeders. Our interview process with our breeders is extensive and includes multiple phone interviews, along with home visits. We privately transport our puppies directly from the breeder back to our store; This way, we are with them every step of the way to ensure they are comfortable in every way possible and safe at all times. Though, the puppies may get tired of hearing our singing in the car, we have so much fun with them! After arriving to the store, the staff enjoys naming the puppies and rocking them in rocking chairs to make them feel welcome. Many puppy advertisements found online are actually scams. We provide a safe place for you to acquire your puppy. Our puppies are intentionally-bred and well-bred from knowledgeable, compassionate hobby and licensed breeders. Here at Pet-N-Pals, we love our puppies (and all animals) as family, and will only partner with breeders who share our values and compassion.

The breeders that we partner with must have an open-door policy with our store family. The store owners along with staff members have experienced personally meeting breeders that we partner with. When we visit, we see that they care for their puppies and the puppies’ parents with love and compassion. Emily has a blast taking her team members to personally meet breeders as often as possible to see first-hand where our puppies come from. There, we enjoy taking videos and pictures to share with customers. We spend time with our breeders asking them any questions that we have. It is fun to meet their families, learn which breeds are their favorites and talk to them what got them into the hobby. It is imperative that the breeders have happy, healthy, well cared for and well-socialized puppies and puppy parents.

We especially enjoy working with professional, licensed breeders. Their kennels are spontaneously inspected and have to abide by stringent guidelines to ensure they are top quality. Their heated whelping areas deliver the perfect amount of heat to the newborn puppies. The indoor / outdoor areas for puppies and their parents are very clean and we see that the puppies naturally go potty and poop outside which is great for potty training! One of the best parts about visiting our breeders is getting to hold a two week old puppy, with very clean hands of course! It is indescribable and fills us with excitement and joy. There is nothing like holding a tiny puppy! Our licensed breeders are required to pass spontaneous inspections and provide us with their most current inspection reports, which we keep on file at all times.

Because of the transparency of our puppies’ background, medical history, health guarantee beyond the purchase and consumer protection laws, we are a very safe place to acquire your next puppy. (If a puppy “farts funny”, they will be taken to the vet!) We do the homework, research and traveling to find healthy puppies from reputable breeders so you can solely focus on choosing the puppy that is right for your family.  We offer a variety of puppies of various breeds, sizes, temperaments, coat-types, etc. You can see various breeds side-by-side for easy comparisons of different breed characteristics. We understand every family has different requirements that need to be met to ensure they choose the perfect match. Some families have allergies and need a hypoallergenic breed; Some families have breed and/or size restrictions where they live; Some families need an active/energetic breed etc. We are confident in our ability to match you and your family with the breed that is best and look forward to meeting you!

Each of our puppies have a clear bill of health from a licensed veterinarian and a health guarantee. All of our puppies are current on vaccines and deworming and have had prevention for giardia and coccidia and kennel cough. Each puppy has been microchipped with a ONE TIME only fee of $79.99 for the lifetime of your puppy. You will be provided an organized packet of paperwork including all of your puppy’s information and medical history when you take your puppy home.

We take our responsibility to our puppies and our community very seriously, and take pride in pairing quality puppies with conscientious puppy-parents. Please feel free to arrange a FaceTime or video chat with us to meet our puppies if you are planning a visit! Call 540-886-5056 or text 540-414-4115. We look forward to meeting you! (We do not and will not ship puppies)

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