Live Feeders

Crickets: 10 for $1 (Buy 100, get 10 FREE)

Sizes: Pinhead 1/4 inch, Small/Medium 1/2 inch, Medium 3/4 inch, Large 1 inch
*Free calcium dusting available upon request*

Dubia Roaches:

Small 1/2 inch 40 count $12.99
Medium 3/4 inch 25 count $12.99
Large 1 1/4 inch 12 count $12.99

Dubia roaches packaged in plastic bag. Reusable containers are available for $1.00 additional charge.

Live or Frozen Feeder Rodents:

Pinkie – Adult Mice: $3.99 Each
Pinkie – Weanling Rat: $4.49 Each
Small Rat: $5.99 Each
Medium Rat: $6.99 Each
Large Rat: $8.99 Each
Jumbo Rat: $13.99 Each

*LIVE pinkies, fuzzies and hoppers often available Wednesday afternoon. (Limited supply/First come, first serve-We do not keep a call when available list)

Effective October 1st, 2023: Take home boxes for live feeders (mice and rats) will be at additional charge. We do recommend bringing your own reusable and animal-safe container when purchasing live feeders. Please make sure reusable container is clean and will provide proper ventilation for animal during transportation.

Live Worms:

Hornworm $2.79 Each
Mealworms (Medium or Giant): $6.99 per container
Superworms (36 Count): $6.99 per container
Nightcrawlers: $6.99 per container
Red Wigglers: $6.99 per container

Butterworms: $10.99 (12 count)

Wax worm: $6.99 per container (25 count)

Springtail cup: $19.99

Isopods available: type, count and price vary per cup

Live Feeder Fish:
Large Goldfish:
Rosy Reds:
Ghost Shrimp:

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