⭐️Family owned and operated business
⭐️Personally meet, hold and bond with your puppy before purchase and take them home the same day!
⭐️No deposit required to visit puppies
⭐️FaceTime / video chat with our staff and our puppies before you visit!
⭐️We do not and will not ship our puppies.
⭐️We are a highly regulated And trusted source to acquire your puppy. Our breeders are heavily regulated to ensure animal welfare for our puppies and their parents. These regulations, along with our strict store standards, ensure our puppies are not from puppy mills. Unregulated sources/websites can easily be scams and/or puppy mills. Do not be the victim of an online puppy scam!

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Breeds Coming Soon:

Late September:

Teddy Bear
Pembroke Welsh Corgi (ACA)

Available Early/Mid October:
Shiba Inu (ACA)
Mini Labradoodle

Available Late October:

Jack Russell

Current Available Puppies:
(Price listed does not include taxes or additional fees)