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How can I trust that this website is not a scam?
👍You can trust Pets-N-Pals as a reputable business of 29 years👍 Our team will call or even FaceTime to show you our store and our adorable puppies!
⭐️We do NOT ship puppies.
⭐️No money is required to visit our puppies.
⭐️A Virginia pet store is heavily regulated to ensure animal welfare for our puppies and their parents. (These regulations, along with our strict store standards ensure our puppies are not from puppy mills). 🚩Unregulated sources/websites could be scams and/or puppy mills.
⭐️Call us today to learn more 540-886-5056.
⭐️Please see FAQs Page!⭐️
***If you have scheduled an appointment to visit a particular puppy, an appointment alone does not reserve nor hold that puppy. Please be open minded to looking at all suitable matches that your pet consultant is able to match you with. If you are only interested in one particular puppy, please call shortly before your scheduled appointment to verify availability. If the puppy of choice is still available at that time, your pet consultant may potentially be able to place a courtesy hold on your puppy (only long enough to compensate for your drive time), otherwise the puppy could be sold before or during arrival for appointment. It is not guaranteed that you will receive a phone call if the puppy of choice goes home before your arrival.***


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