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🐶 With 80% of online pet ads, the majority of which are puppy sales, being scams, please remember: At Pets-N-Pals, you can trust we are a reputable business and NOT A SCAM.

  • We will FaceTime you to introduce ourselves, show you the store and puppies.
  • There is no money required to visit our puppies.
  • A VA pet store is regulated to ensure animal welfare and to ensure puppies are not from puppy mills. Unregulated sources/websites could be dangerous:
    could potentially be a scam or a puppy mill.
  • Our health guarantee gives customers peace of mind, with pre and post adoption vet exams. You will receive medical history and all puppy documentation when you take your new puppy home.
  • Also, consider a “deeply discounted” priced puppy found online to be a potential scam or puppy mill.
  • Call us today to learn more 540-886-5056.


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