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  • The Top Five Dogs for Families That Have Children

    Many parents ask which breed of dog would be the best for their family. Kids love dogs and most dogs love kids, but there are some dogs that generally do better around children than others. You have to admit, kids are curious and at times a little rough which is why having a dog who’s tolerable around them is important. Other great qualities in a dog that will be around children include low to no aggression, not overly powerful as to accidently hurt your child while playing, and a warm and loving demeanor. You also do not want a breed of dog that doesn’t want to be “bothered” because many kids just want to play, play, and play some more! If you are considering a family pet and you have children this blog is for you. Below you will find our pick of the top five dog breeds that do great around children.

    Labrador Retriever

    Year after year after year the Labrador Retriever ranks the most “pupular” dog in the United States. This breed is simply amazing and ranks number one in our kid friendly and mom approved list of dogs. They are loving, caring, social, and have very approachable demeanors. They love your attention and are gentle around children.

    Breed Assessment Traits and Qualities:

    • Personality:Friendly, gentle and playful
    • Energy Level:Moderately active
    • Good with Children:Very
    • Good with Other Dogs:Very
    • Shedding:Moderate
    • Grooming:Daily brushing
    • Trainability:With ease
    • Height:21 to 25 inches tall at maturity
    • Weight:55 to 80 pounds at maturity
    • Life Expectancy:10-12 years
    • Barking Level:Average

    French Bulldog

    The French Bulldog is at the top of our list for many reasons. They are a very gentle and affectionate breed of dog that does exceptionally well with children. They are patient and loving and enjoy to play. They are not overly energetic or pushy which is why they are safe for smaller children. They almost never show signs of aggression and enjoy both indoor and outdoor playtime. This breed continues to be very popular around the world and makes a great fit into almost any family.

    Breed Assessment Traits and Qualities:

    • Personality:Loving, playful, gentle, and smart.
    • Energy Level:Lower than average
    • Good with Children:Very
    • Good with other Dogs:Very
    • Shedding:Low
    • Grooming:Two to three brushes a week
    • Trainability:With ease
    • Height:11-13 inches at maturity
    • Weight:20-30 pounds at maturity
    • Life Expectancy:10-12 years
    • Barking Level:Low

    Golden Retriever

    The Golden Retriever was designed for those who wanted a medium-sized dog that would do well in wild-fowling, both upland game and waterfowl. Today’s Golden Retriever is a sought-after gorgeous dog that does well in families that have children and other pets in the home. They are very social and gentle dogs that have an easygoing and warm demeanor. They enjoy being close to their family and are great around children. They almost never show signs of aggression and are a pleasure to be around.

    Breed Assessment Traits and Qualities:

    • Personality:Smart, easy to get along with and caring
    • Energy Level:Moderately active
    • Good with Children:Very
    • Good with other Dogs:Very
    • Shedding:Average
    • Grooming:Daily brushing
    • Trainability:With ease
    • Height:21 to 24 inches tall at maturity
    • Weight:55 to 75 pounds at maturity
    • Life Expectancy:10-12 years
    • Barking Level:Average


    The small but mighty Pug also ranks high on our list because of his playful, loving, and warm demeanor. This breed has a social and outgoing personality and packs a lot of energy in a small body. The Pug does great around children because of this and is not known to show aggression. Their tolerance level allows them to play well with children who are still learning how to be around dogs.

    Breed Assessment Traits and Qualities:

    • Personality:Outgoing, curious, and playful
    • Energy Level:Moderately active
    • Good with Children:Good
    • Good with Other Dogs:Good
    • Shedding:Routinely
    • Grooming:Two to four times a week
    • Trainability:Generally easy
    • Height:10-13 inches tall at maturity
    • Weight:14-18 pounds at maturity
    • Life Expectancy:13-15 years
    • Barking Level:Average


    Collies are very smart and energetic dogs that love human interaction and outdoor activity time. They are gentle and patient around children and are not known to be at all aggressive. This breed has a very long history of making a marvelous family pet and is sure to win your heart too. Collies also tend to be able to adapt well with other dogs in the home.

    Breed Assessment Traits and Qualities:

    • Personality:Caring, alert and playful
    • Energy Level:Very active
    • Good with Children:Very
    • Good with Other Dogs:Yes
    • Shedding:Moderate
    • Grooming:Two to four brushes a week
    • Trainability:Easily trained
    • Height:22-26 inches tall at maturity
    • Weight:50-75 pounds at maturity
    • Life Expectancy:12-14 years
    • Barking Level:Moderate
  • Ways to Make the Holidays Safer for Pets

    As the holidays approach we think about nice family dinners, festive music, and holiday cheer. It is a time of year like nothing else and there seems to be a unique peace in the air. What many dog owners do not realize is it is also a risky time of the year for our fur-legged friends. Not because Santa will scare them when he comes down the chimney, but because of very common items in our home that come out this month.

    People food

    Let’s start off by talking about food. During the holidays we often have get-togethers and share meals much larger than an average dinner. Many foods that we will enjoy should not be eaten by our fur-legged friends. Below is a list of foods that are the most dangerous for dogs to eat.

    • Rich, fatty foods.
    • Meats that have bones in them
    • Onions and garlic
    • Chocolate
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Raisins/grapes
    • Nuts
    • Milk Products

    Potpourri and Candles

    Although potpourri and candles look and smell great, they can make your fur-legged friend sick should he use them as a treat. Candles are also a fire hazard should your dog knock one over that is lit. Always keep items such as these well out of your dog’s reach. If these items are on a counter or table take into consideration that your dog still may be able to reach them. Playing safe than sorry as to wear you leave these items is also recommended.

    Holiday Plants and Flowers

    A very popular item found during the holiday season is decorative plants such as holly and mistletoe. Many plants and flowers can cause your dog to become very sick if digested. Dogs are always curious to try a new “food” and certain items such as these can cause your dog harm. Be sure to place these items in an area that your dog is unable to reach. We often place flowers near a window for sunlight which is also an area your dog has access to.

    Tinsel On Your Christmas Tree

    Whiletinselisn’t “poisonous” per se,it’s extremely dangerous to your dog should he consume it. Swallowing tinsel can lead to internal issues as well as basic choking issues for your dog. Tinsel is generally shiny which catches your dog’s attention and may be too much for him to resist. Many dog owners do not even bring this item into their homes as a precaution. If you must decorate with tinsel, keep it in an area completely out of reach of your dog or you may be spending Christmas morning at the veterinarian, not unwrapping gifts from Santa!

    Secure Your Christmas Tree

    You can’t really blame this one on your pup. Afterall, they wake up one morning and magically there is a seven-foot pine tree in their living room! As beautiful as this tree looks, it does cause a safety hazard. Dogs are naturally attracted to trees and tend to want to hide under and behind them. It does not take much for a Christmas tree to topple over which could injure your pup or anyone near it when it falls. This can also result in damaging the decorations on the tree which can be very costly. By taking a few minutes to properly secure your tree can end up saving you a lot of problems in the end.

    Safe Haven for Your Dog

    If you intend to have a holiday party which involves a lot of people, consider putting your dog in a room dedicated just for him away from the commotion. The room should have water and food and you should periodically check on your pup. A soft blanket or dog bed would also be a nice fixture in the room while he hangs out there. Although some dogs want to party as much as grandma does, some tend to get quickly get scared of the noise and want to be left alone. You know your dog better than anyone and should determine this before the party begins. This is also a wise decision if your dog is a runner because the front door may be opened and closed dozens of times which would allow for him to escape.