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  • Your Pup is Pooped!

    As pet parents, one of the most endearing things to do is watch your pup sleep.

    They’re just so stinkin’ cute and at times, even in their sleep, they’re quite entertaining. Sometimes they look peaceful and other times they look like they’re putting up a fight, with no enemy in sight! We have spent time watching our Bichon Frise puppies for sale and we have to say that they equally adorable asleep as they are awake! Ever wonder what’s behind their sleeping positions and twitching? Read on to learn more about those sleeping beauties.

    Tummy Time

    This position is as obvious as its name, but sometimes referred to as the “Superman.” Your pup is lying flat on its tummy. Because they’re so young, puppies tend to need to nap often and this position puts them in, well…a position, where they can pop up at a moment’s notice to check out their surroundings. Dogs that sleep like this refuse to miss out on any action.

    On The Side

    When you see your Bichon Frise puppies sleeping on their side, this is a sign that they’re comfortable and feel pretty safe in their environment. Pups that sleep like this seems to be relaxed. They may switch positions if someone or someplace is unfamiliar with them. When they’re on their side, their limbs are free to move and you may see twitching and kicking commonly.

    Back Down and Paws Up

    This is a funny position. If you purchased something other than one of our Bichon Frise puppies for sale, you’ll still think the same thing. Though it may be comical, there’s some practicality to it. When dogs sleep on their backs it helps to keep them cool. When you see dogs resting like this, rest assured that they are beyond comfortable in their surroundings! They couldn’t be more relaxed or feel more secure. They haven’t a care in the world!

    Balled Up

    This is one of the more common positions that you’ll see while dogs are sleeping, especially in fall and winter months. Haven’t you seen pics of big dogs plopped down in doggy beds fit for small Bichon Frise puppies? They are literally curled up in a ball, nose-to-tail. It’s hilarious! Their movements are restricted so you’ll see less twitching and dancing in their sleep! Dogs in the wild sleep like this often to protect vital organs and conserve heat. This is also a favored position that allows them to get up quickly.


    Ahhh, if you’re one of those pet parents who allow your pups to nap in your bed then you’re surely accustomed to this position, albeit not every night. This is when you’ll feel your pup snuggled beside you with his back to your tummy. If you have other dogs, you may see them back-to-back to each other. This is one of the most comfortable positions for Bichon Frise puppies or any puppy for that matter. They are relaxed, comfortable, and feel loved, which is the ultimate goal!

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and learned a little more about how and why dogs sleep the way that they do. We have Bichon Frise puppies for sale waiting to snuggle with you! Take a look at all of our available puppies by clicking here and then come to pay us a visit!


  • Prepping For a Puppy

    We take excellent care of all the dogs in our care.

    This is why when you become a new pet owner of one of our Newfoundland puppies for sale, we want you to be as prepared as possible. We have a list of essential things that you’ll need to make your house a home for your new furry friend.

    Water and Food Bowls

    You’re going to learn this fairly quickly. Puppies have a lot of energy. They play hard and sleep even harder! Because of said energy, you want to make sure that you have a consistent supply of water for them and that food is given at the appropriate times. For now, we are stressing the importance of having actual bowls that suit your animal. For instance, Newfoundland puppies for sale in our store are small, yes, but they are a little larger than most little puppies. We make sure that their bowls are of the proper height for their consumption and won’t tip over easily and accidentally.

    Keep the bowls clean. Ideally, stainless steel bowls are recommended because of their weight and quite frankly they’re easy to clean, too. As your Newfoundland starts to grow, you’ll need to upgrade the bowl sizes accordingly.

    Harness or Collar and Leash

    All of our Newfoundland puppies for sale have been vaccinated and you’ll receive a rabies tag. You may choose to keep this on your pup or in your home for record keeping. For the former, having a harness or collar on your dog will allow you to hang it. You can also hang ID tags that contain your contact information and your pet’s name should you and your pup inadvertently become separated.

    A leash is used for walking purposes and to keep control of your pup. We recommend having one, even if you’ve got a massive backyard. When you leave your home with your dog, you’ll need a leash.


    Quite naturally your puppy is going to need toys. They will entertain them but also serve as a form of exercise and relief from boredom. Boredom can lead to destructive behavior and you don’t want that. Because you just recently bought one of our Newfoundland puppies for sale, you’ll need some strong but puppy-safe chew toys can help with teething too. Here are some dos and don’ts:

    • DO buy nylon chews or hard rubber balls.
    • DO not give your pup toys that fit in his mouth entirely. This is a choking hazard. As your pup grows, you may need to throw it out and get a larger size.
    • DO not give your dog anything that’s hard, has sharp points, or any attachments.
    • DO not allow your dog to play with shoes, socks, or any personal clothing. Lest you start, this can be a very bad habit to break and is also dangerous.
    • DO puppy proof your house periodically to ensure things like plastic wrap, twist ties, string, etc. aren’t lying around and accessible for consumption.

    Sleeping Quarters

    We all love warm and comfy environments and your pup is no exception. Purchase a crate early on and line it with a dog-friendly pillow/bed and a toy or two. Make it nice and relaxing for your dog, creating a den-like environment. Dogs love to have their own personal space, so give it to them.


    These are just a few of the things that we suggest purchasing at the same time, or soon after, getting one of the Newfoundland puppies for sale you found here. We have more suggestions and we are here to help you make the best choices of care and comfort for your new pup.


  • Play Time With Your Puppy

    You love dogs.

    You may have always wanted one…or two. You search “small dogs for sale near me,” online and you make the life-enriching choice of getting a dog. Your home life has changed and you’re all in with your new dog! You’re ready to let the fun begin and we’re gonna show how to amp it up a bit. Here are some fun games you can play with your new puppy while also teaching him some special skills.


    Fetch is a favorite and very common game. You see it all of the time, but just in case you haven’t, it’s the process of teaching your dog to retrieve an item. Your dog learns to come when called and to get the toy or item you ask. The goal is to get your puppy to come to you, sit and stay, while you throw a toy, and he is then encouraged to get it. Keep some treats handy and always praise him when he brings it back. Go all out and over-the-top with your praise so that he knows this is the intended goal. Once he’s back to you with the item, tell him “drop it” and then praise him all over again when he does! The two of you will have tons o’ fun doing this. (BTW, this is a good form of exercise for your dog, as well. We call this a win-win situation!)


    Just as with fetching, agility games are ways to get your dog moving and thinking. Perhaps you didn’t think that searching “small dogs for sale near me” could potentially mean that you’d be teaching a dog agility tricks. The sky really is the limit, whether your dog is small or large. Puppies in general love jumping and navigating obstacles. They’ll do this on their own by sprinting around the house or in a particular room just for fun. Why not make it a little more challenging and rewarding?

    Did you know that you don’t need a large yard to create an obstacle course? You can do this right in your home with blankets and chairs and treats. Use the treats to lure your pup as he follows the course. Reward him when he conquers the obstacles and, you’ve got it, start the praising! As he gets used to it, you can branch out and start making other obstacles, both inside and outside, if you have space. You’ll be surprised at how fast your pup picks up on this game and just how enjoyable it is.


    Tug-of-War is another popular game and believe it or not, you can teach your puppy commands with this game as well. They’ll learn how to drop a toy and when to pull or not. Here’s how it goes. Hold on to your pup’s favorite toy and offer it to him until he grabs it. Start tugging it back and forth, pulling harder and harder (within reason). Every once in a while, let your pup “win” by letting it go. You know what’s next…praise! Only praise him when he “wins,” and you can also give him a treat. Be careful not to reward behavior that includes biting or grabbing on anything other than the toy that you’re using. You can incorporate the “drop it” command and give your puppy a treat if he listens to you. The next time you play the game and he “wins”, he’ll be anticipating a treat. But guess what, you’ve actually “won,” too because Googling “small dogs for sale near me” has proven to be rewarding.

  • Holiday Do’s and Don’ts for Pets

    Halloween is over. Thanksgiving has come and gone.

    There are still a few more celebratory holidays before the year is over. Now is the perfect time to educate and reiterate the importance of holiday pet safety.

    Edible Gift Baskets

    As we mentioned Halloween is long gone, but that doesn’t mean that the sweet treats have taken refuge! Gift baskets of food, candy, and various other treats are exchanged and dogs can smell each and every ingredient in the basket. Be sure to keep this and other treats for humans out of their reach and sight. Small pieces of hard candies are choking hazards to pets, particularly if they don’t have strong teeth and jaws. To be safe, keep these treats out of your pet’s reach.

    Christmas Trees

    Are you an artificial tree buyer or do you prefer to sniff and pick yours out of a local nursery? If it’s the latter, you must be very careful to ensure holiday pet safety. To keep your tree beautiful and healthy, you need to keep it watered. When doing so, try to keep your pets out of the area while your tree is soaking up the water. Never leave standing tree water accessible to your pets, unless it’s covered securely around the base.

    Tree Decorations

    While we’re talking about Christmas trees let’s also delve into the hidden dangers of your beautifully decorated tree.

    Strands of Lights

    Keep strands of lights off of the bottom branches of your tree. Pets are very curious and they will sniff around, which is natural. The hazard lies in your pet getting tangled and or potentially shocked if they bite to free themselves. Tape extra strands to a wall or nearby furniture for security.


    There are tons of tragic stories of pets biting into pretty ornaments that entice your pets’ curiosity. If consumed, they are choking hazards; furthermore shards of broken glass can potentially injure their paws and mouths. Strategically place your precious ornaments in areas that aren’t accessible to your pet.


    We want your holiday season to be memorable, because of the time spent with your family, friends, and loved ones. Holiday pet safety is paramount. No ER visits are allowed! Follow these simple steps to assist you!
  • 8 Reasons to Get a Puppy

    We promise that this post isn’t a cat bashing one, because we love our feline friends too.

    We are going to concentrate on the many reasons why you should get a doggy. Oh yeah, we’re also cheerleading on how one of our Maltese puppies for sale will fit the bill for your eventual purchase. Here are 8 benefits and reasons to get a puppy.

    Experience Lower Stress Levels

    Are you stressed out? Have you been and can’t quite shake it? Guess what…puppies can actually be supportive in your effort to lower your stress. They provide such love and affection that they have also been known to lower blood pressure, as well.

    Got Allergies?

    Allergies can make life miserable for those who suffer and can’t avoid the allergen. People with allergies to dogs can breathe a sigh of relief (pun intended) because our Maltese puppies for sale are hypoallergenic, which makes being around them even more enjoyable.

    Need a Pick-Me-Up?

    There’s scientific evidence that supports the theory that dogs make people feel better. The interaction between humans and dogs generate a release of “happy” hormones like serotonin.

    Increase Your Physical Activity

    People who walk their dogs for at least twenty minutes a day can actually lose weight, with a sensible diet plan of course. The requirement for dogs to have daily exercise will be beneficial to you and your puppy.

    Puppies Help With Child Development

    Seems like owning one of our Maltese puppies for sale has multiple benefits and this one may seem unbelievable. But, there’s scientific evidence backing this reason to get a puppy, too. Kids with dogs in the home score higher in cognitive, social, and motor development tests than children without a dog in the house.

    Puppies Are Good for The Heart

    Yep, it’s true. Puppies can actually help one’s heart health. Pet owners are more likely to live at least one year longer than those without. Talk about holistic medicine!

    Puppies Make You Social

    Once you step out with one of our Maltese puppies for sale, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Owning a puppy automatically makes you a conversation starter. People will initiate conversations with you, so get ready for the spotlight!

    Man’s Best Friend?

    Everyone always says that a dog is man’s best friend. They say it for a reason because it’s true. Once you have a dog, there is a bond that is created that lasts a lifetime. Dogs enjoy the connection as much as humans!