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  • What to Know Before Embarking On that Human-doggo Summer Road Trip

    You are finally taking the summer trip and bringing Ruby along! Planning for a humans-only summer trip is not so much of a hassle, you just have to bring along the regulars. But if you’re going with your pet, then you need to be certain that you’ve made adequate preparation for them. Here are some things to know before beginning the trip:

    1. A Visit to the Vet!

    A big summer trip or any one for that matter calls for a visit to the vet first off. The main purpose is to check that they’re healthy enough to undertake the journey. It wouldn’t be ideal for a pet who’s facing a series of health or nutrition problems to embark on a big trip. Similarly, a thorough checkup and getting up-to-date vaccination are vet activities, so you shouldn’t be skipping this step. 

    1. A Trip Calls for a Carrier  

    It would have been a nice idea for your pup to sit up in front, seat belt all tucked in and looking pretty. However, if you would be going on a major trip, whether via land or air, you would need a carrier to guarantee a positive trip experience. You need to size up your crate to supply your pet with more room to move around and great ventilation. It is advisable to purchase the crate in advance so that your pet can get acclimated to it. 

    1. Aim for Cool Weather 

    For air travel, some airlines only permit pet cargo travel in the mornings or evenings when the weather would be cool. A pet-safe airline like Lufthansa only allows for snub-nosed pet travel when it is guaranteed that both departure and arrival locations would have temperatures under 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Pups are unable to regulate their body temperature as we do, so you would need to look out for cool weather. This applies to road trips too, ensuring that the air conditioning works just great. 

    1. Get Their ‘Groom’ On!

    Some pre-travel summer grooming might not be a bad idea for your pet. Depending on the breed, they might stand to benefit beyond just looking great. You would need to be careful with the length of their coat. This is because your pup’s hair serves as a cooling system for her and a measure of hair left on could help prevent the skin from experiencing sun damage. So, cutting hair short or giving them a buzz cut could be exposing them to a lot of discomforts during the trip. 

    1. Tire Them Out 

    Plenty of exercise before departure time is bound to have your pet snoozing or lying around passively during the trip. Not exercising Ruby can cause her to experience anxiety all through the trip, something you want to avoid. Before heading out to the airport or starting the car, get some quick exercises because a tired pup is a calm pup. 

  • Saving Money as a Pet Parent

    We all want to spoil and care for our pets as best we can, and one major factor that plays in is the financial aspect. This implies money spent on feeding, the vet, pet supplies, grooming products, and toys amongst others. For the most part, this is money that you probably don’t mind spending and perhaps you even enjoy doing so. But certainly, you won’t mind learning some ways to cut back, so, here are some proven ways to save money as a pet parent: 

    1. Prioritize Your Pet’s Health 

    It’s a fact that most dogs are not big fans of the vet. But maintaining your pup’s quality of life and saving yourself money involves routine trips to a capable vet. By ensuring that your dog gets adequate exercise and a healthy diet, you can start wading off ailments that may come later in their lives. 80% of dogs over age three experience dental problems, so, make sure to keep your pup’s teeth healthy. 

    1. Work With a Budget 

    Lesson 101 in saving money is working with a budget. This budget would be based on your dog’s needs and topping the list would be recurring expenses like quality food. Some expenses that are far in between such as a vet visit should be planned for ahead of time. After breaking down monthly expenses that are absolutely necessary, you can eliminate the ones that can be dispensed with, and you’re on track to saving money. 

    1. Make Your Dog Treats 

    You’d be surprised at what all the money you spend on treats sums up to. We can’t help spoiling our pups with chewy treats and tasty goodies and making them yourself can save you a great deal of cash. Homemade dog treats using ingredients you already have at home are surprisingly easy to make and healthier even! You could also make a significant portion and preserve in the freezer. 

    1. Regular Doggo Playtime  

    If you’ve seen the movie Marley and Me, then you probably understand where this is coming from. A tired dog is a happy dog and in addition, can save you a great deal of money. If you have a dog who constantly needs physical or mental exercise for stimulation, and they aren’t getting it, they could lovingly take it out on your shoes or couch. Provided their teeth and claws can get in, they would stimulate themselves. Save yourself extra expenses by creating playtime for Fido!

    1. Groom Your Dog at Home 

    Bath time is a pretty great time for bonding. There’s nothing like saving yourself money while deepening the loving bond between you and your pup. Professional groomers could cost a pretty penny, and there’s the stressful drive down there too, depending on how often you groom. When you’re grooming, make sure to concentrate on the coat, the paws, the inside of the ears, and other semi-hidden parts of your dog’s body.