Small Animals

Pets N Pals of Staunton, Virginia carries all of your favorite small animals including the following:

  • Guinea Pigs
  • Most of our guinea pigs are born and raised here at the store. They are well-socialized and very healthy! This way, we can ensure from the beginning, they receive the proper food and amount of Vitamin C in their diet.

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Ferrets
  • Marshall Ferret guarantees that your ferret is neutered and de-scented and free of congenital defects. Congenital defects are abnormalities that are present at birth and are not considered hereditary. The following are not covered by the Marshall Guarantee: colds, influenza, bacterial conditions, viruses, acquired diseases, growths, tumors, cancers or any condition caused by parasites or unknown loss. The guarantee is effective for one year from the date of purchase, only up to the purchase price. Your ferret must remain on Marshall Premium Ferret Diet to keep the guarantee valid.

  • Gerbils
  • Hamsters
  • Most of our hamsters are born and raised here at the store. They tend to be friendly and handled frequently.

  • Chinchillas
  • Birds
  • We typically have Parakeets, Finches, and oftentimes Cockatiels available, though we occasionally have large birds, such as African Greys and Cockatoos.

  • and more!!

Don’t forget to stop in for all of your small animal needs – we have it all! Check out our Small Animal Supplies page for more info! We look forward to seeing you soon and be sure to ask for a care sheet for your new pet when you visit!!