Small Animals

Pets N Pals of Staunton, Virginia carries all of your favorite small animals including the following:

Availability varies- these animals may not always be readily available- Join us on Facebook for updates:

    • Guinea Pigs
    • Pet Rats
    • Marshall Ferret
    • Hamsters
    • (We do not carry rabbits)

Most of our hamsters are born and raised here at the store. They tend to be friendly and handled frequently.

    • Chinchillas
    • Birds- We primarily have Parakeets but will occasionally have Cockatiels, Lovebirds and Conures.
      Pet birds make great companions and excellent pets! They brighten our homes, enrich our lives and can even improve our mental and physical health.

Don’t forget to stop in for all of your small animal needs – we have it all! Check out our Small Animal Supplies page for more info! We look forward to seeing you soon and be sure to ask for a care sheet for your new pet when you visit!!