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  • Why Do We Love Dogs So Much?

    For the longest time, dogs have been tagged man’s best friend as a result of the love and fierce loyalty that they display to their humans. So, why exactly is there so much love between the canine and human? 

    Humans started keeping dogs as pets since ancient days prior to civilization. This implies that this fierce love and unbreakable bond between humans and dogs has been repeated multiple times all through history. 

    It goes without saying that beyond their simple angelic existence, dogs provide their owners with benefits ranging from emotional and mental to physical as well. Dogs are very useful and can be trained to hone their special attributes like their strong sense of smell or hearing for various uses.  

    For instance, they are members of various important units in the society such as the firefighter departments, K9, search and rescue, as well as sniffer dogs at airports. The services that they provide have constantly saved the lives of humans time and time again. 

    Dogs are also regarded as immediate family members and treated as fur babies. Dog owners commonly claim to be in a better mental space after having a dog relative to before they had one. In addition, people dealing with various traumas get support dogs who constantly comfort and keep them stable. 

    In essence, the benefits that dogs offer humans as a result of their presence in our lives cannot be quantified. 


    Discussing the reasons why we love dogs so much could extend so much with each individual having their own personal reasons. However, the bottomline is that they very much deserve this love and even more. 

  • What are the Benefits of Owning a Dog?

    The only downside to owning a dog is that those gooey eyes would charm you anytime, anyway. That said, there are loads of benefits to owning a dog; emotional, physical, mental, social, basically loads. This article highlights some of these benefits: 


    If you’ve been battling loneliness for a while, owning a dog is precisely what you need. There is no feeling lonely when you have a pup that constantly craves your attention and worships you. It’s no wonder then that dogs are known as man’s best friend. 

    Uplifts Your Mood

    There’s no feeling depressed around your dog. Pups are generally lively and full of energy and are ready to play at every turn. Their antics are bound to crack you up and you would find yourself bursting into laughter now and again. Dogs make humans happy.


    People with pets have generally been shown to live longer. This is especially true for seniors. Having to care for a pet extends their lifespans and this applies to middle aged individuals too. 

    Teaches Vital Lessons

    Owning a pet teaches vital life lessons like caring for other people besides ourselves. Knowing that a vulnerable pet totally depends on you teaches responsibility especially to kids at a young age. It improves social skills too. 

    Improved Mental Health

    People battling depression and other mental health issues are often assigned support dogs to help them through. This is because having a dog that adores you stimulates feelings of hope and happiness. 


    There’s really nothing as blissful as owning and caring for a dog. In addition to the benefits outlined above, the daily walks are beneficial to physical health too while providing good bonding time with your pup. 

  • Should I Crate Train My Dog?

    Crate training is the process of introducing your dog to view and accept a dog crate as a personal safe space. There are various benefits that crate training offers particularly for your pet. Here are the most profound ones: 

    Provides a Familiar, Safe Space

    Sometimes, your pet needs a place to retire, particularly if they encounter something new. For instance, some dogs are not great at getting used to strangers and would rather stay away. A crate provides a form of escape for your pup and allows them to retreat from new, disturbing changes until they can eventually adapt. 

    Provides a Den Feeling

    Many advocates point to the fact that dogs are den animals and a crate can serve as a substitute for a den. Daisy’s den is where she reigns supreme and feels like her own personal kingdom. This space serves as a sanctuary and your dog feels very secure in that space. 

    Helps With Potty Training

    Dogs generally keep their sleeping areas clean as a matter of instinct. Providing your pup with a crate would help them learn to hold and this in turn strengthens bladder and bowel muscles. They inadvertently learn housebreaking on their own. 

    Makes Life Easier Generally

    Crates generally make yours and your pet’s life easier. Transporting Daisy is safer using a crate whether by road for long distance trips or air trips. It results in less distractions for the driver and you would be able to have your dog with you whenever you travel.  


    Crate training your pup offers too many benefits for you to pass it up. During the process, ensure that you’re patient and reward with treats for good behavior. 

  • Top 5 Springtime Recipes for Your Dog

    It’s spring and time to make some homemade foods and treats! Here are some recipes you can explore: 

    Frozen Watermelon Treats

    Watermelon is a staple for both spring and summer. It contains lots of fluid, aiding hydration, has a natural sweetness and is perfect for cooking in the warm temperature. Making this treat is super simple and all you need is some watermelon and coconut milk. You might have to wait a while for the treats to freeze up, but it’s worth the wait. 

    Yogurt Peanut Butter Banana Treats

    Dogs love peanut butter all year round and to make this recipe even healthier, yogurt does an excellent job. These treats are typically brought out in the stifling heat of summer, but it wouldn’t hurt to give your dog some in spring too!

    Cranberry Cookies

    You want to show your dog some extra love? Bake these cookies heart-shaped. Ingredients include some almond flour and coconut flour, and of course, cranberries. Ensure to make a whole lot because your dog would definitely love them!

    Turkey, Rice and Veggie Mix

    This low-fat, low-calorie recipe is particularly ideal if you’re looking to stop your fur baby from gaining excess weight. It boasts lean animal protein, veggies, and healthy carbs. You can get up to 12 cups from a single preparation and they stay in perfect condition for up to 5 days when refrigerated. 

    Beef Stew, Doggie Style

    This homemade food can be frozen and lasts the entire week. It had loads of iron from fresh protein and requires only about a pound of beef stew meat, one small sweet potato, half cups of diced carrots, diced green beans, flour and water, and finally, a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Watch your dog lap this up in no time!


    Now, bring out your inner chef and get to whipping up these delicacies!

  • Is Doggy Daycare Worth It?

    Apart from getting a sitter, doggy daycare is the other alternative for ensuring that your dog is cared for when you can’t be available. However, is doggy daycare really worth it? Should you consider signing your dog up? Here are some pros and cons to help your decision along. 

    Pros of Doggy Daycare

    Doggy daycare does offer a significant number of benefits, and here are some prominent ones:

    • Physical exercise and constant mental stimulation all through the day
    • Helps your dog ward off loneliness
    • Reduces the chance of destructive behavior
    • Reduction in barking  
    • You get a restful night since your dog would likely come home mentally exhausted and go to sleep
    • Helps if you’re unable to walk your dog that day
    • Letting your dog out midday would no longer be necessary 
    • Great way to get your pet socialized 
    • Provides enough fun activity and exercise in case you’re unable to provide that for the day 

    Cons of Doggy Daycare

    • Might be overly exciting and overwhelming for your dog 
    • Possible mental exhaustion as a result of stress or fear on the part of you dog
    • Your dog could pick up bad behavior from other dogs or while relating with them 
    • Possible bullying or injury scenario 
    • Costs eventually rack up (average daycare cost is $25+ per day) 
    • You don’t have control over the behavior of other dogs or the staff 
    • Vaccinations are demanded and required by doggy daycares, however, there might be a chance of your dog picking up an illness like kennel cough or getting fleas from other dogs 


    Doggy daycare has some pretty great advantages as well as some somewhat discouraging downsides. However, overall, most daycares try to avoid the cons that they can on their end, so, you should definitely consider this care option.