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  • Picking the Best Food for Your Furry Friend

    There is a range of food types that are generally well suited to be eaten by dogs. Wet food diets, kibble, organic, holistic food, and a range of others. However, the best type of food for your dog greatly depends on what would be the healthiest choice for them. 

    In other words, high-quality food is one that has nutrient components that are required by your dog based on their breed and age or stage in life. Usually, the best way to pick a great diet for your dog is to talk to a nutritionist or veterinarian.

    They are in the best position to make recommendations based on the needs of your pup, and they would be able to highlight the nutrients that are essential at that point in time. They can also help you avoid foods that could induce allergic reactions in your pet since your veterinarian has your pup’s health records. 

    In addition to consulting with experts, here are some tips that can help you along in the decision-making process: 

    • Learn about the constituents of dog food so that you know what to look out for 
    • Read labels and ingredients 
    • Note the grain and gluten constituent of the food
    • Check the by-products used in making the food, if any, and ensure that they are healthy for your pup
    • Keep an eye out for adequacy, it would typically read “this food is complete and balanced for all life stages”
    • Read up on information provided about the trial feeding stage 
    • Check out the analysis of nutrients provided on the label of the food
    • As a reminder, consult with your veterinarian 


    Your dog’s food goes a long way in determining so much in their lives ranging from development to remaining in proper health. As such, you should pay close attention. 

  • Involving Your Pup in Summer Activities

    Summer is a beautiful time to be outdoors and you would typically be up to a whole lot of fun stuff. Your pup would definitely appreciate being included in all of these fun activities, and here are some that they would especially love:

    Pool Parties 

    Summer heralds hot months and a lot of time spent in the pool, and Winter would no doubt love to splash around too. You can picture his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth and then the characteristic wiggle that splashes water all over you. If you can picture it, then you should definitely do it!

    Backyard BBQs 

    The lingering smell of meat in the air and the occasional treats you toss which are expertly caught by Winter. This is definitely a dream event by all standards; their favorite person in the world and treats! 

    Picnics in the Garden 

    You can enjoy the warm sunshine, some very cool lemonade, and pastries with the butterflies all fluttering around. This sounds like a dream paradise and definitely one you shouldn’t enjoy alone. Your pup would have a lot of fun and probably get some exercise from chasing butterflies.

    Cozy Dinners 

    Cozy dinners on the patio in the cooling evening sound like a wonderful idea. You can take in the night air and sounds and you can be certain that Winter would enjoy the calm, laying at your feet. This is an awesome doggo-human moment and definitely one that you would remember for a long time to come.


    Going on a hike? Be sure to bring your furry companion along. Nobody loves the outdoors and its sounds as much as they do. 


    Looking to make great memories this summer? Involve your pup and they become even better.

  • Summertime is the Best Time for Puppy Photos

    Summer means the warmer months and of course, spending lots of time outdoors. Since most places are accessible and open in summer, you can definitely find a lot of picturesque backgrounds to use for pictures. Here are some of the best places for puppy pictures that you can explore: 

    The Beach 

    The beach offers the dual perk of having a great time and taking beautiful pictures too. Following a couple of hours of running around the beach with your pup and playing in the water, well, it’s picture time! You could explore a couple of picture ideas like putting a mini hat on your pet’s head or having them stretched out on a beach chair. 

    The Mountains 

    The mountains offer an amazing, picturesque background for pictures. It’s like being on top of the world, and the rest of the earth is just at your feet. This is definitely one place to take majestic pictures of your pet. 

    The Fields 

    Fields with wildflowers and rich soil could be great for a photo op. It would be like being cast into nature and if your pet is very playful, you could capture pictures of them in action. There is an off chance that a butterfly might rest on its nose, so, have your camera ready. 


    Sunsets are never a bad idea for pictures. If anything, they make for a soft, beautiful, and calming background. Sunsets provide that incredible feeling in pictures that no other background can beat. So, in addition to enjoying a beautiful sunset, you get to keep a memory from it. 


    There are no doubt many backgrounds for photographing your pup, but these four definitely top the list. 

  • What to Bring With You While Hiking With Your Dog

    Hiking with your pet is some of the best alone time you could enjoy. You both have lots of sights, sounds, and smells to take in and it goes without saying that your darling pet would be ecstatic. 

    However, before you embark on a hike with your dog, it is important to ensure that you have checked certain boxes. Some of these boxes include bringing along adequate supplies and ensuring that your pet is in tip-top shape. 

    So, here’s a checklist of what to bring with you while hiking with your dog:

    • Water 
    • Food
    • Leash
    • Collar or harness
    • Canine first aid kit 
    • A bowl
    • Clothing
    • Microchip or ID card 
    • Flashlight 

    If you are hiking with a big dog, they can carry some things, nothing too heavy. On the other hand, for small dogs, you do all the carrying. 

    Before embarking on the hike, here are some things you need to ensure:

    • Physical shape; ensure that they are in top shape and ready for the rugged trails 
    • Ensure that all their vaccinations are up to date, you can always pay a visit to the veterinarian if you’re not certain 
    • Train your dog for the trails so that it’s not an entirely new experience 
    • Research where you would be hiking; the weather conditions, any specific occurrences that are peculiar to that area, among others 
    • Learn and understand how walking the trail goes, otherwise known as trail etiquette 

    The benefits of hiking are immense for both you and your pet. There is the baseline benefit of the physical fitness aspect. In addition, the atmosphere helps you and your pet relax and provides for an excellent adventure. 


    For a successful hike, be sure to check off the list here and of course, have a great time!

  • Why You Need a Poodle Mix

    Poodle mixes like Cavapoos, Goldendoodle, Cockapoo, and Maltipoos, have attained critical acclaim because of the myriad of benefits that owning one can bring. 

    They are highly attractive, intelligent, and take training easy. In addition to these qualities, here are some others that would definitely seal the deal for you: 


    A number of poodle mix-breeds are hypoallergenic which implies that they are great for people who have allergies. This is because they either do not shed or shed less and infrequently. So, they would either have no dander or very few clinging to their coat.  

    Small Size

    They come in very small sizes which makes them well suited to small apartments and given that they don’t shed, you won’t have to worry about getting fur all over your apartment. 

    They are also very easy to carry around and their owners explore this benefit to the fullest. For instance, the Cockapoo weighs only about 12-25 pounds and has a height of 9-18 inches. 

    The Goldendoodle, which is one of the biggest in this breed category, has a height of about 22-22.5 inches and weighs around 50-90 pounds. 

    Great for Families

    Poodle mixes also make for great family dogs, one great example is the Goldendoodle. They also have excellent traits gotten from both parents that they were bred from and are considered a superior breed to their parent breed. 

    They do well with kids and are not temperamental. In spite of their small size, some of them are quite energetic and playful and make for a good playmates for your kids. 


    Opting for a poodle mix could be an excellent option especially if you are looking for a small dog.