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  • Playdates for Your Pup

    Puppies need friends, too, and they love to play! Playdates help them establish new dog friends and grow socially. No matter what breed of dog you have, when they socialize with other canines, it can make them happier animals. As a pet owner, finding ways for your puppy to make friends is essential to your pet’s health. Here are a few ideas on how you can make sure you get your puppy the social pet network he needs.

    1. Dog Parks 

    Dog parks are in almost every neighborhood. In these parks are dogs of every breed and size, and this can be the right place for your dog to meet a friend. It may be overwhelming for your dog the first time you visit, so limit your time at the dog park. Beware of aggressive dogs so your pet can have a positive experience.

    2. A Walk in The Park 

    Early morning walks in the park can be exhilarating for you and your dog.  Many other pet owners set aside time to walk their dogs in the park, and this is a perfect time to meet other dogs and dog owners. Notice the dogs your pet gravitates to and help him make friends by socializing with the other pet’s owner. Exchange information and set up a play date for your furry friend.

    3. Neighborhood Websites 

    Neighborhood websites are the perfect place to make friends with other pet owners. You may have the same schedules or same breed of dog, or you both may be in need of a doggie play date. Whether you have the same breed pet as your neighbor or not, this could be an opportunity for many fun doggie play dates to come.

  • Two Dog Households

    Owning two puppies can be a joyful experience. Whether they are big or small, a Great Dane, and a poodle, they can be companions for life. Four-legged friends enjoy hanging out together, especially when you are not around. They take care of each other, cuddle together, enjoy their walks, and show their owners twice as much love. If you are considering adding two dogs to complete your family, here are a few tips to make this adventure a smooth one.

    1. Prepare Your Home 

    Keep in mind each dog needs its own toys, food bowls, dog pillows, leashes, and love. Be prepared to provide these individual items for each of your puppies to create a harmonious home. Once you have all of the pet supplies, you need to be sure to set up a separate area for each of your pets to enjoy their meals and sleep. A special blanket for each of your pets may be soothing and give your puppy the feeling they are extra special.

    2. Transportation for Two

    Your vehicle should have enough space to transport your two furry friends safely. Use crates when necessary or reserve a spot in the back where your dogs can move comfortably around your car without obstructing your view. Don’t forget to have those water bowls and leashes handy in case you and your puppies decide to go on a long hike.

    3. Relax and Show Double Love

    Pets are easy and just want the same unconditional love they give you. Loving two pets is not double work; it’s double fun. When you watch your two pets bonding, it will light up your life and warm your heart. You’ll look forward to coming home to their love and doggie kisses and spending cozy nights cuddled with them both. Once you have two doggies, you will wonder how you ever lived your life without them.

  • Winter Pet Care

    As the season changes and the weather gets colder, make sure you and your pet are prepared. Winter may bring about a few challenges for your pet, but nothing you can’t handle. Knowing what to do so your pet is well taken care of in these colder months is easy and could help make a life for your furry friend something he will look forward to. Here are a few tips you can follow to make sure your pet has a cozy and warm winter.

    1. Limit Your Dog Grooming Appointments 

        Cancel your next grooming appointment!  The wintertime is a time to let your dog’s fur grow. We understand that dogs are more flattering when they are well-groomed, however, their fur is what will keep them insulated in this cold weather. A dog with a big fluffy coat will be able to take on the outdoors and not worry about getting cold.

     2. Booties and Sweaters 

         Invest in puppy booties and dog sweaters. They are worth their weight in gold! Pet booties are not just trendy and cute, and they are functional. Your dog’s toes won’t have to touch the ice, or cold concrete or experience any winter weather pain. Dog sweaters can give your dog an extra sense of comfort. Remember, extreme temperatures are tough on a dog’s paws, and cold weather can be a culprit. It may take a few more moments to put

     3. Short Walks 

      Early morning walks can get chilly, so shorten your walk to make sure your dog is not in the cold for too long. Your pet may get chillier a lot faster than you since more of their skin is exposed. By limiting the distance of your regular walks for those cold mornings, you can protect your dog from the harsh elements winter can bring 

  • Puppies and Holidays

    It’s time for holiday festivities once again. It’s an exciting time to get together with our families and friends. If your family includes a puppy, make sure they are included in your holiday traditions, from the songs to the holiday meal to pictures and gift-giving. This can be a memorable time for all of your family and furry friends. Here are some tips on how to make sure your puppy and family have a Merry good time they will not soon forget.

    1. Gifts your puppy will love 

    When you’re hanging up those stocking stuffers, don’t forget to buy a stocking for your puppy. Puppies love gifts too. While everyone is opening up their presents on that beautiful Christmas morning, your puppy will be excited to open his. This is the perfect time to make sure your puppy gets their stocking and any other toys or goodies you may have for them. Don’t worry; there is no need to wrap their toys since your puppy will be ready to enjoy them.

    2. A family meal for all. 

    The holiday meal can be an exciting and much anticipated time for all, and perhaps everyone has worked hard to put together this special meal. Before everyone takes their place at the table, make sure your puppy has a special spot and meal preparation. Be sure only to include foods that you know your puppy can digest safely. With a special dog-friendly meal, your puppy won’t be susceptible to dangerous bones or foods that may cause illness..

    3. Family and Puppy Photos 

    When it’s time to take those family photos, tie that big beautiful red bow on your puppy so they can be as festive as everyone else in the picture. Be sure to groom or brush and make them feel comfortable next to the family he loves. These photos will remind you of your cherished holidays with your family and your puppy.

  • Pet Safety For Your Furry Friend

    Keeping your pet safe shows them just how much you love them. Your best friend trust and depend on you to keep him safe and protected. There are many ways to make sure your pet is safe. Whether on a walk or inside the comforts of their home and yard or just in a safe environment. By using some safety measures to care for your puppy, you both will feel more at ease. Here are a few safety tips you can use to keep your pet safe.

    1. Safe Walks 

    Not every neighborhood is dog-friendly. Choose the right park or trail or dog park where the environment is not dangerous for your dog. Save the long walks for the bright daylight hours. Pay close attention when you are walking your dog by observing other animals and people in the vicinity. Never walk your dog without a collar and always have an extra leash in case your leash breaks, and don’t forget to clean up after your pet. Having your pet chipped at the local pet store is a good idea in case they are lost or stolen.

    2. Keep Your Pet Healthy

     Your puppy depends on you to make sure their shots are up to date. Follow the recommendations of your vet. Feed your puppy the right type of food and amount for their weight. Make sure your pet gets enough water and nutrition, including healthy dog treats from the local pet stores. Pets need proper nourishment, just like their owners.   

    3. Pet-Proof Your Home 

    Puppies love to explore. Take a close look around your home from a pet’s point of view. Clean up any areas that could be dangerous to your pet. Pesticides and hazardous chemicals should never be kept in the reach of your pet.

    Follow these tips to keep your pet safe so you can enjoy years of memories with your furry friend.