Winter Pet Care

January 17, 2020

As the season changes and the weather gets colder, make sure you and your pet are prepared. Winter may bring about a few challenges for your pet, but nothing you can’t handle. Knowing what to do so your pet is well taken care of in these colder months is easy and could help make a life for your furry friend something he will look forward to. Here are a few tips you can follow to make sure your pet has a cozy and warm winter.

1. Limit Your Dog Grooming Appointments 

    Cancel your next grooming appointment!  The wintertime is a time to let your dog’s fur grow. We understand that dogs are more flattering when they are well-groomed, however, their fur is what will keep them insulated in this cold weather. A dog with a big fluffy coat will be able to take on the outdoors and not worry about getting cold.

 2. Booties and Sweaters 

     Invest in puppy booties and dog sweaters. They are worth their weight in gold! Pet booties are not just trendy and cute, and they are functional. Your dog’s toes won’t have to touch the ice, or cold concrete or experience any winter weather pain. Dog sweaters can give your dog an extra sense of comfort. Remember, extreme temperatures are tough on a dog’s paws, and cold weather can be a culprit. It may take a few more moments to put

 3. Short Walks 

  Early morning walks can get chilly, so shorten your walk to make sure your dog is not in the cold for too long. Your pet may get chillier a lot faster than you since more of their skin is exposed. By limiting the distance of your regular walks for those cold mornings, you can protect your dog from the harsh elements winter can bring