Exercising Your Pup

July 21, 2018

We know that when you decided to buy a dog you weren’t expecting a lecture about exercising.

We aren’t going to lecture you necessarily, but we are going to strongly make a point of the importance of exercising your dog and why it’s beneficial. Much like humans, dog require exercise. Sure, it varies depending on the breed and size, but the fact still stands that most, if not all, will require some form. When you buy a dog, you’ll soon learn that this comes with the territory. There are benefits that also come with exercising your puppies, so read on to learn about them.

Exercising strengthens their muscles

Regular exercise helps to build up their muscles and strengthens their bones. This is helpful in their youth. Consistency will help to fight arthritis as your dog matures and ages. Muscle atrophy is commonly diagnosed with dogs who have joint pain. Building and maintaining strong muscles will prevent such pain in the long run.

Exercising boosts their immunity

Establishing a routine exercise regiment with your puppy will help to boost and strengthen their immune systems. When you buy a dog, you have to take care of them, just as you do for yourself. Having a strong immunity system will protect your pup from dog related diseases and illnesses.

Exercising prevents obesity

When you buy a dog, you should know a lot about the breed that will be in your home and life for years to come. One specific physical trait you should know is whether your pup is prone to obesity, for instance like the Pug. They’re also known to be overeaters if given the opportunity! In addition to well balanced doggy diets, physical exercise is needed. Obesity is just as bad with dogs as it is with humans, and in both cases humans control the process and outcomes. Be a responsible pet owner and be mindful of what you feed your pup and exercise them so that obesity doesn’t affect their quality of life.

Exercising increases sharpness and agility

When you go to work and leave your dog, he’s cooped up in the house all day long. It’s true that dogs have the keen ability to adapt to human behaviors and schedules, but they’re still relatives to wolves (even that little Yorkie of yours) and aren’t designed to be left alone all day with nothing to do. Innately, dogs are active, outdoor animals who need regular exercise to maintain their mental health. Many behavioral problems are a direct result of the lack of play and exercise. They include: hyperactivity, rough play, destructive chewing or digging, garbage raiding, and barking and whining for attention. Exercise will greatly reduce and discourage this behavior.

The importance of regular exercise to your puppies cannot be overemphasized and there are boundless benefits!