Pug Pups for Sale: Get One or More

October 29, 2018

There is no doubt about it that we have Pugs for sale and we’re excited about it! Pug puppy owners know exactly why they brighten so many lives.

We have both male and female Pug pups, and they’re all purebred. You can rest assured that our Pug pups have been raised in a clean, safe, and secure environment. They are fed the best high-end puppy food that aids in their healthy diets so that they can grow from adorable puppies into adorable adult dogs! Here’s a bit more about our Pugs for sale.

Kid-Friendly and Kid-Tested!

There is no doubt that Pugs are one of the top kid-friendly dogs. They are sweet natured and goofballs! Sometimes you’ll find yourself laughing by just looking at them because they have this head tilt that they do that makes you LOL! Kids really enjoy them because they’re sturdy enough to play with them, but they are really sweet cuddle bugs, too.

Need Help? We’ve Got You Covered!

We rave quite often about our dedicated pet counselors and you will too once you visit us. Do you have specific questions about the tedious process of housebreaking and training your new bundle of joy? We’ve got you covered! We make sure that you go home with all the necessary tools and tricks for making sure the first few months with your new furry baby goes by smoothly! Our store also provides puppy training classes that cover the basics commands like sit, stay and heel.

Now is the time to take advantage of the Pug pup for sale and have the kind of lovable breed that you’ve always wanted! Give us a call today or come to pay us a visit to play with one of our Pug puppies. We must warn you though; you may just fall in love at first sight!