Introducing Your New Puppy to Your OG Furry Friends

January 12, 2021

There are few situations in life as tenuous as when you introduce two good friends of yours from different circles. You wonder if they’re going to get along and hope their personalities mesh well.

Bringing a new puppy home is not too dissimilar from that in many ways. Our pets have different personalities and puppies have a lot of energy that older dogs might not tolerate well.

Puppies often haven’t shaped their canine etiquette very well at those younger stages, either.

Before searching “puppy for sale near me” make sure you know how to introduce a new dog to your old pets. Keep reading to find out how!

Taking the Puppy Home For the First Time

Taking the new dog home, whether it’s a new puppy or older dog, causes stress, jealousy, and anxiety unless it’s done right. Having a proper setup is crucial to the process of phasing a new dog into the family.

A good place to introduce the two isn’t actually inside the home. There could be definite turf wars going on unless you are able to introduce them in a neutral place. It doesn’t even have to be far away and can be incorporated with a friend on a normal walk.

This sneak attack is a good way to prep your older dog without them expecting anything.

That being said, your dog may be curious about this next tip.

Puppies Only: Make a Designated Area

Toddlers and little kids can be as annoying as they are cute, and the same is true for puppies to older pets. Those little furry bundles of energy just don’t know when enough is enough. They’ll learn in time, but until then, they need an area to contain and protect them.

This area will aid in their house-training efforts and give some peace and quiet to your existing pets. They’ll have their own toys and sleeping area to play with.

So it isn’t too shocking for your older dog, make sure to set it up in advance so they’re already used to not using the area for themselves.

New Puppy Playtime

Along with toys to play with, your new pup will want to play with the other pets you have.

All playtime sessions should be fully supervised for a few weeks at least. They may need to be separated when the older dog gets annoyed or bored, or they may nip the young pup or worse.

Both dogs should get treats and new toys to reduce jealousy and keep it fun for both. You want playtime to be a fun and rewarding experience, not a grind.

Sniffing is natural and helps them to “read the daily paper” so-to-speak. But it requires supervision if one is getting more intimate than the other wants to tolerate. You know your own older dog better than anyone, so distract them when you think enough is enough.

Puppy Love: A Happy Pet Family

Each dog has its own role in the family and it takes time for them to know it and settle in. Having their own food, space, treats, and toys and meeting on neutral ground will go a long way to trimming down jealousy and other negative traits early on.

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