Does Your Dog Have an Instagram?

February 25, 2022

Social media has done a great deal by way of connecting the whole world via various platforms. Over the years, huge stars have emerged for various reasons ranging from creative to downright hilarious. 

However, this social media stardom phenomenon isn’t located to humans alone. Dogs and pups all over the world have become viral sensations and amassed large followings for their antics or simply because of how lovely they look. If you’re still at odds as to why your dog should have an Instagram, here are some reasons:

It’s the Latest Trend

Yes, trends come and go, but this one has definitely come to stay. Recording adventures together, cute actions and reactions, their hilarious quirks, and sharing with the rest of the world can be quite exciting, to say the least. 

Money Making Avenue

Who says dogs cannot pay their own bills? In recent times, we now have dogs who are strong influencers and alongside their pet parents, rake in loads of cash. There are even awards for dogs now! This might be an opportunity for Daisy to become an internet sensation and be loved by fans all over the world.

Memory Bank

Posting on Instagram is a great way to save memories that you can always go back to relive whenever you want. An upside is that Instagram posts usually have a date and time stamp so you can see that and be transported into the very moment. Additionally, you can access the account at any time too, even years to come.


In a world where dogs become superstar celebrities and viral sensations, an Instagram account for your pet is definitely a good start. And who knows, Daisy might just get a chance at stardom.