Three Facts about Puppy Training

February 22, 2020

If you are dreaming of buying a new puppy, you aren’t alone. Humans love puppies and dogs are the ultimate companions. It’s important to remember that puppies can be challenging especially if you are a first time or single pet parent. If you are considering a puppy here are three facts that can help you to prepare for your new furry friend.

Crating compels to their natural instincts

Many new puppy parents have mixed feelings about crate training, and often feel bad when putting their puppy inside a crate. While it’s not natural for humans, and it may look like a cruel and lonely cage, the crate is an important part of your pup’s training and development. In the wild, dogs have the natural instinct to seek shelter inside a den. The crate is a comfort zone that your puppy will naturally retreat to, be patient and allow him to adjust to his crate and you will be happy you did.

Creating a routine helps with house training

One of the biggest problems that new puppy parents face is housetraining. Puppies tend to pee a lot during this process and in response, most puppy parents increase the number of walks, which can actually make the problem worse. Puppies adapt well to a predictable life so creating a routine for outside time and walks will help your pup succeed with housetraining.

Leash him!

When your puppy is outside of his crate, it’s important that he wears a lightweight leash. This will help you supervise and correct his behavior. Puppies are playful creatures and when you touch them to correct their behavior, they can confuse the touch as an invitation to play. This can reinforce bad behavior rather than stop it. The leash can be gently tugged to guide or redirect a mischievous pup, and soon he will under the role of the leash.