5 Tips to Puppy Proof Your Home

June 7, 2018

We’re here for your pup’s safety!

Let us be one of many to say that dog proofing your home is one of the absolute best and most responsible things you can do before you buy a dog and bring her into your home! Below we have a list of tips that may seem like common sense and some that may come as a surprise. They are very useful, nonetheless.

Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!

Okay, was that in bad taste?! We hope not, because we have a sense of humor. What we’re really trying to convey is that you should crate your pup. Before you buy a dog, invest in purchasing a kennel that fits her just enough so that she can stand and turn around in it. You don’t want it too large or too small. This is one of the simplest ways to keep her safe at home while you’re away. This keeps her out of trouble, too!

Baby, Proof the House Please?

When you buy a dog, especially if it’s a puppy, you’ll certainly notice many similarities between it and human babies, even if you’re not a parent. The truth is that many of the items that parents use to keep their children safe can be used to keep dogs safe, as well. Here are a few suggested items you should purchase:

  • Electrical outlet covers
  • Power strip covers
  • Baby gates that can limit access to certain rooms
  • Safety locks for kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • An air-tight container for dog food (some dogs are incredibly crafty and figure out ways to get into “sealed” food bags!)


Before you buy a dog, tidy up…actually clean up thoroughly. Put away items that have been aimlessly sitting around the house. If you’re at home reading this, pause and take a look at your surroundings and see if you can identify a few things that should either be trashed or put away. Now, do it! Dogs, especially teething ones, love to chew on things and that’s exactly what they’ll do whether unattended or not. Some items may be harmless to them, but others are dangerous. Don’t take any chances with your clutter! Let it go.

Keep The Doors Closed

This is a simple step. When you leave your home, shut all of the doors where you pup may have access. You’ll save your carpets and your pup!

Purchase a Trashcan Your Dog Can’t Open

Surprise…dogs love trash. When you buy a dog, you’ll learn this and hopefully not the hard way! The very scents that we find disgusting are delicious to them! Besides food, there are fun paper products and boxes and many things that turn into toys to them. On the flip-side, there are razors and harmful foods. The best way to keep them from those dangerous discoveries is to purchase a trashcan that they can’t open.

If you have the space, invest in a pull-out trashcan that can fit under your kitchen sink and nicely secured with the kitchen cabinet locks we mentioned earlier. Tall, metal, sturdy trashcans do the trick as well, for both large and small dogs.


Follow these tips, because it’s better safe than sorry! Should have any any questions or need some assistance, do not hesitate to contact us!