What to Look for When Buying a Dog Bed

August 16, 2021

Your pup deserves a comfortable private spot to curl up and dream dog dreams. There’s no spot she would be fond of as where she gnaws on her chew toys in peace and complete comfort.This is precisely why you would need to pay extra care when buying your pup a bed. No worries anyway, we’re here to save you the stress of overthinking.

Here are important features to look out for when buying a dog bed:

  1. Size

You don’t want to buy a bed that ends up being too small for your pup. If anything, a bed with some extra space is ideal.To choose the right bed size, factor in the body size of your dog, and then some more. The bed has to be large enough so that she can lie in all natural positions without discomfort.

Here’s a rule of thumb to help: ensure that they can curl up comfortably, and also stretch out comfortably. A bed size that allows for this would be ideal. 

  1. Durability

Your pup has her chew toy, yes. But, what’s to say that she wouldn’t extend her chewing to the bed. In the teething stage, it helps to ease the pain.For older dogs, it’s a way to maintain jaw strength and clean their teeth. There might also be factors like boredom, stress or she might be hungry.

Whatever her reason for chewing, it could be dangerous if your dog can chew up these pieces and they end up in the intestines or stomach.If your pup is a potential chewer, beds with canvas-like fabric and aluminum or PVC pipe material are advisable.

  1. Padding

A well-padded bed would provide great comfort for your pup. Dogs have bony joints that are not very padded, and this is why you need to pay special care to the bed’s padding.These joints can become pressure points, and prolonged pressure on them can lead to skin wounds, pain, and probably skin damage. These joints are those of the shoulders, elbows, and hips.However, a well-padded surface would supply sufficient comfort for your pup.

  1. Material

The padding of the bed is important, but one main determining factor of comfort is the material that it is made with.For instance, high-quality memory foam would provide a more comfortable surface relative to polyester filling or loose foam.To test whether the material is great, squeeze the padding, and if you feel your fingers touch, the material might not be ideal.After a while, it would probably wear down as a result of your pooch’s weight and be a source of discomfort to her.

  1. Ease of Cleaning

To start with, removable, machine-washable covers are an absolute necessity.Your dog’s bed can harbor several germs and parasites, and without a clean bed, you don’t have a clean pup.Ideally, you should take the covers off and wash them once or twice a month.The fabric should also be durable enough to withstand washing multiple times.